The difference between a one-time infatuation and a relationship is keeping your man interested, and these flirty text messages to send to a guy you like will do just that!
Whether you’re the new girl in town, or you simply carry an air of mystery, men see you as an enigma.
The key to finding what works and what doesn’t work is to experiment with your own writing style.
Claudia Cox is a modern communication expert who gives singles and couples alike the tools they need to improve their relationships. Thanks for your message, I am really happy to hear from you ?? There are little signs that show if a guy is interested… For example, does he text you first? Hey guys, I’m going to let you in on one very sneaky little texting trick that will instantly vamp up the romance (and fun) in your relationship – romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend! Texting is a great way to communicate how you’re feeling, whether it’s happy, sad, lonely, excited – or even horny.
The male population, generally speaking, is quite adept at aggressively seeking women they’re interested in. In the journey of life, people usually meet someone special and their world turns sweet and full of happiness. These days, hanging out with your crush, love-interest or lover is not possible every time. If you already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can choose to send flirty messages to ignite the love-fire within them or simply to make them smile. Therefore, to express your feelings indirectly, to impress your crush or to make your lover smile for a moment, you can send flirty text messages.

And yes, feel free to hop around to the other sections and categories to explore many amazing and unique text messages and quotes.
The key is to send messages that fit your personality and remind him of all your best qualities.
Confidence is not only a trait that women find sexy in a partner, it is also a huge turn-on for a lot of men. When you’re writing flirty text messages to send to a guy you like, don’t let your messages get too immature or silly. Along with being dangerous to your online reputation, sexting a man you just met will make him think you’re a floozy and he’ll definitely be less attracted to you. Men enjoy receiving genuine messages from women that are filled with personality and everything that makes her special to them. 10 Flirty Texts for Long Distance Relationships  Go Ready to Make Them Crave You & Your Messages? She is the creator of The Text Weapon Texting Club, and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. It might sound simple, but a major part of getting him to answer your texts is to make sure that they include a question. You are glancing at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, and one thought preoccupies your mind: what to text her? In this section, you are going to explore the best cute flirty text messages for your crush or love. Feel free to share any of these with you friends and collogues and send these to your crush or lover.

When you take initiative and flirt with your guy, it relieves him of the pressure of “leading the dance”. Instead of sending a nude photo, take a picture of yourself in a new sundress, or even a Snapchat of cute little you tucked into bed.
These messages will surely impress your boyfriend or crush and make him smile or tickle for a moment.
It doesn’t matter if you’re the demure girl sitting in the coffee shop reading The Decameron, or if you’re the bold bombshell of the office dancing on the tables during the Christmas party– what matters most is having fun with the texts you send. Instead of spelling out every detail, leave a lot to his imagination and have him wondering the true meaning behind your words. It also makes him feel attractive and wanted, and it allows you be in touch with your most sensual self. Healthy flirting can make anyone smile or impress, or it may help you in taking a step ahead in your relationship.
If it seems like he is doing some of all of these things then try and meet him face to face to see if his body language matches his texting (eye contact, smiling, open stance, etc…) I hope this helps!
But the moment you realize that the other person is getting annoyed or feeling irritated with your messages, you should stop messaging.
When you’re flirting, use his name; this will make the texts seem more personal, even if the information you share with him is not personal at all.

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