In November 1942, the RAF formed special Strike Wings to attack the heavily defended and seemingly invulnerable convoys that brought Germany's vital supplies of iron ore from Scandinavia down the coast of Europe to feed its war machine.
The Germans tried everything against the Beaufighters and Mosquitos of the Strike Wings - fighters, intense flak, parachute mines and even flame-throwers - and the casualties were appallingly heavy on both sides.
In this classic account of one of the neglected, yet crucial theaters of the air war Roy Nesbit, himself a survivor of strike aircraft of Coastal Command, describes these complex battles from British and German records, assisted by first-hand accounts from some of the brave airmen who took part.

He also analyzes the effects of the tactics employed on the German war economy, with some startling conclusions. The result is a fascinating, clearly written and vivid history of events that were little publicized during the war for reasons of security. His book includes detailed diagrams of some of the key attacks and features some astonishing photographs taken in action.

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