There are at least three entrances to the venue after you park so avoid the main entrance, that’s the most crowded. It’s time again for the 2012 Orange County Fair, which runs Friday July 13 through August 12. By now you know my wife and I are pros at finding discounts and freebies for all sorts of events including the OC Fair.
The OC Fair is an event we attend at least once during the summer, but like most people we want the get the most out of our visits.

With all the concerts, shows, exhibits and the endless supply of food booths, one can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars (and that’s just the two of us!).
Here is a list of museums in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County with free admission days in 2015.
We are at every Sugar Plum Festival, at Orange County Fairgrounds building 10 and at Buena Park Mall across from Bed Bath, & Beyond, near Walmart.
Each year I compile a list of discounted deals, promotions and free offers that are available at the OC Fair, including ways to get in free or at a discount.

The Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach normally charges $12 for an adult admission.Some of the participating museums such as the Getty Center already offer free admission to all.

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