I am married and yes, I look forward to having children of my own but I do not judge those who do not have the same desires. Women who are free and happy do not judge others who have different desires or live differently. You describe American women and our lifestyle as vividly as if you had been born and raised here. What caught my attention wasn't so much that an increasing number of women chose not to be married.
This women didn't need a man talking down at them, tearing them down or making them feel stupid.
We women now have the right to vote, right to receive equal pay with our male counterparts at work, right to dress whichever way we please, heck , even the right to not wear a bra if we so desire.
As a husband, a son, father and a brother I know for sure that women’s voices are very important and need to be heard. Mediocre does have a way in putting us under the radar but if we do not continue renew our mind, and surrounding ourselves with mentors and coaches, then we may find it difficult at times to deal with it as women. No, the interesting aspect of it all was how this women were raising their voices and almost screaming on national TV.

On and on they went, trying to make each other look stupid for the decisions they had made in life. Women have been able to achieve standings in the society that their grandmothers could only dream about.
Guess who usually thinks a woman has no place in politics and  should be home baking cookies instead? The article wasn’t solely based on a TV show and the intent was definitely not to make light of the achievements of women over the years. Aside from the "right to not wear bras" comment LOL (some of us have a little more luggage to carry and we can use ALL the support we need, HALLELUJAH!
Isn't interesting how people will choose to drag others down to their level rather then rise to a higher level themselves? It was simply a case of women who didn't know who they were and so lived in judgment against other women who were not like them or believed like them. The word Sexism is now avoided like the plague because men would do anything to avoid that label.
We are fully responsible for what we do with our freedom: tear each other down or build each other up.

The intention was to help women not only in America but all over the world to see that our strength lies in appreciating our diversity rather than pulling each other down and show that for women all over the world, our cultures may differ but we have issues in common. We all make choices for our lives and hopefully that is born from the inside, not what someone feels they are supposed to do. Let's chose to build each other up and encourage one another to greatness, then we will be truly free. We are called to love all people, and I know I don't feel that love from someone when I am receiving criticism for my decisions!
Women in America now have, to a great extent, the freedoms that they didn't have before but more than ever, they need to be liberated. For this reason , some have chosen  to go the traditional route because they are afraid of how they will be perceived if they chose to remain single without children.

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