At the time of its launch, the Android Marketplace was a small repository filled with some countable apps. It’s hard to list out which applications are the best, since different users have different preferences. Google have done a good job with the native Chrome browser available on recent Android devices.
With the robust capabilities smartphones have, it is now entirely possible to get all your news from your device. Zedge was popular on feature phones, and an app is available for it at the Google Play Store. A series of updates and modifications have made this the go-to app when you want to access the social network. We all love listening to music on our smartphone, but the toughest task of it is that to transfer the mp3 songs from PC or laptop to our phone. If you’re using an Android phone and are on Wi-fi connection, you can easily download your favorite musics for offline playback.
4Shared Music is an awesome music app which allows you to download and stream any music on your Android device for free. What’s even more awesome is that you’ll get 15GB of free storage to upload your favorite songs and stream them on the go.
Music Download Paradise Mp3 is a free android app that allows you to download millions of songs for free. Just like the 4Shared Music, you can search for songs by title or artist, or album, but you can also search for top songs by an artist, making it easier to just find a certain hit.
Music Download Paradise MP3 is also a free downloader manager which supports simultaneous downloads. Gtunes Music Download (formerly known as Simple MP3 Downloader) is a simple but effective music downloader app that allows you to download millions of songs for free. The best part of the app is it allows you to create your own ringtone from any song and assign it to contact. This app called the Download free music app is a very simple app and extremely easy to use to download free musics online. Just like the other mp3 downloader apps, Download free music app allows you to play the song before you download it. However the major disadvantage of this app is the annoying little ads that pops up from time to time.
Mp3 Music Search Download Pro is also a great Android app for downloading free music from search engine and public domains.
So, these are some of the best and recommended android apps to download free musics online. WatchESPN : Stay connected to live sports and shows from ESPN – wherever and whenever you want them.
Access to WatchESPN live video is determined by your TV provider and, in some instances, your Internet service provider.
Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Free social android apps provide you with the perfect platform that enables you to carry your favorite social networking services in the palm of your hand. Google Android is by far one of the most cherished and immensely popular of all mobile operating systems and hence it’s no surprise that the torrent of social networking apps are found on this platform. Keeping in mind the immense impact of these android apps, here at AhaDaily, we are glad to present to our readers 25 Exciting Free Social Android Apps For Avid Social Network Enthusiasts. Also, check out our previous coverage of some of the free android social apps with the 25 Must Have Free Android Social Apps For The Socially Connected. A great add on for the world renowned android communication app, Whatsapp, Whatsapp Add Me is hailed as one of the highly rated free social android apps that enables you to discover and interact with new people. Just about every man or woman with a smartphone is known to be addicted to the trend of social networking, where they keep in touch with their family and friends, while discovering new people and trends. With more than 5 million downloads, GroupMe is one of the most cherished free social android app that brings a new spin to single and groups chats. With more than 700,000 applications to choose from in Google Play, users can get might confused and miss out on the most useful ones.
One of the highly rated free social android apps, brings a new spin to the world of social networking. Social networking is all about making an impact and what better way to do so than by remembering the days which are important to your friends.
Sporting an elegant design and versatile features, FFF – Facebook Photos & Videos is a great free social android app that provides you with access to photos and videos posted on Facebook in a unique fashion.
With half a million downloads, Everyme is one of the highly rated free social android apps that is categorized as a private social network and enables you to share your precious life moments with only the ones you wish to. Hailed as one of the highly rated free social android apps, FWebLauncher For Facebook Web enables you to use the extremely popular social network, Facebook in both mobile as well as desktop versions. Developed by Playphone, PlayPhone is one of the highly recommended free social android apps that enables you to play social games with your friends online.
One of the Google android apps with five star ratings, Appcurl – Dig Out Cool Apps is one a great free social android app that enables you discover new and extremely useful android apps.
Taking professional networking to a whole new level is a great free social android app called, Viadeo.
Share your location with your family and friendly without the worries of your privacy being infringed with a handy free social android app called, GPS Share. Stay on top of birthday celebrations of your family and friends with the free social android app called, Birthday Wish. Developed by Amazing Studio, Beauty Photo for Facebook is one of the highly rated free social android apps, Beauty Photo for Facebook provides you with a nifty photo editing tool that enables you to apply beautiful effects to your Facebook photos. Find the best android games there are and the one being played by your friends with Applorer – Games Recommended, a free social android app that is also hailed as one of the highly rated Google android apps. With more than 2 million downloads, Camera Studio+ Lite is one of the most popular free social android apps that brings a wide range of special effects to give your images a unique touch. Developed by BoolStore, Photorect Facebook Pic Upload is a great free social android app that has been designed specifically to enhance your Facebook display image.

Hailed as one of the most efficient free social android apps, GO Namecard essentially enables you to create your own unique identity with a designer name card.
Developed specifically for slower android smartphones as well as for the users who wish to get the most minimalistic Facebook experience, Simple Facebook is a great free social android app that brings FB experience in a rather subtle manner. Hailed as one of the most efficient free social android apps, Mail On Mobile Fun is also a highly revered Google android app that brings a new spin to the world of mobile e-mail.
Touted as one of the best private social networks, Bistri – Private Sharing is one of the highly rated free social android that facilitates easy and secured private sharing of your valuable images, documents as well as other content with your family and friends.
However, there are those applications that have attracted more downloads, or have been more highly reviewed than the rest.
However, instead of having individual apps for CNN or BBC, you can use Flipboard app instead. It has a Facebook-branded UI, and offers unique functionality that is meant to keep you engrossed for a long time. There are a number of apps available on the Google Play Store that lets you download mp3 songs for free on your Android device. As the name of this app suggests, it lets you search, play and download to all music files at 4Shared. The apps also allows you to pause or resume the download as well as share the download link. If you are using any other music downloader apps, feel free to share with us in the comments below. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
These nifty Google android apps ensure that no matter where you are, there’s always present a constant connectivity between you and your family and friends.
You can not only connect with the ones you know, but also find new likeminded individuals to expand your social circle and at the same broaden your horizon. Developed by Facebook Connect, this android apps download provides you with the ability to find new people on Whatsapp, add them and start chatting for a thoroughly new experience. Now, developer Erickson Ricky Eugene has come out with a handy free social android app in the form of All Social Network that makes you social networking experience all the more pleasant. With this android apps download, users can easily segregate their personal lives by only chatting with people that are important to them. Featuring some of the most renowned celebrities such as the likes of  Rachel Zoe, Coco Rocha and world famous bloggers including Leandra Medine, this android apps download with more than 5 million downloads is your one stop fashion android app.
Developer 42matters AG – Best Recommended Apps and Games, has now come out with the best solution to this dilemma in the form of a great free social android app called, AppAware Android Marketplace. Steps in Facebook Calendar, one of the highly rated free social android apps that enable you to manage events and birthdays imported from Facebook.
Developed by MicroMacro Mobile Ltd., this android apps download enables you view photos and videos from Facebook in full screen mode, while offering various resolutions for both media.
This android apps download enables you to create separate groups for family, friends, co-workers etc.
Users can easily switch between mobile as well as desktop versions of Facebook as per your preference, while you can also opt to access Facebook either in your android web browser as well as the internal FWebLauncher. This android apps download provides you with hundreds of free social games to keep you as well as your friends engaged for hours. This android app presents you with apps recommendations from your Facebook friends, search apps via keywords and browse apps from a long list of categories.
Developed by Viadeo (APVO), this android apps download enables you to search as well as view a long list of professional profiles, while also letting you add new contacts easily and effortlessly.
One of the highly efficient Google android apps, GPD Share lets your instantly share your location with only the ones you wish to by the ways of text messages. Hailed as one of the most popular free social android apps, Heyzap brings forth a plethora of online games that you can play with your friends, while also sharing the games you love.
Developed by Time Plus Q, this android apps download is one of the highly rated Google android apps that enables you to automatically send birthday wishes via Facebook message or text message. This android apps download enables you to discover some of the best free android games by presenting to you a list of android games being played by your friends.
This android apps download features more than 200 specially designed effects and fillers, along with some 18 professional categories to choose from. Feature more than 50 high quality effects, this android apps download enables you to apply various changes to your images and then upload them to Facebook from within the app itself. This android app also brings all your contacts to a centralized location, while offering real time contact updates. This android apps download comes in more than 70 languages and features an integrated status bar as well as a heavily optimized user interface apt for just about every android phone. This android apps download essentially brings multiple email services wrapped in a single app, thereby increasing your productivity and saving you valuable time. This android apps downloads enables you create private spaces for each of Bistri contacts and then share only the content you wish to. But with the growth of Android and the evolution of the marketplace to Google Play Store has caused a surge in the number of applications available. It will aggregate news and videos from different sources into a magazine-styled layout that is high on visual appeal. Despite it having ads, it offers a lot of free content that would help you customize your device to any level you like. You can search songs by title, artist, or a combination of two to get more specific results. With the astronomical rise in the popularity as well as the integration of social networking in our daily lives, these android apps download ensure that you are able to share every cherished moment of your life. This android app essentially brings all major social networks, such as the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIN, Foursquare, Orkut, MySpace etc. Based on the iconic AIM messenger, this android apps download enables you to quickly and effortlessly start chat sessions including group chats as well as share images and locations.
GroupMe enables you to conduct group chats with other GroupMe members and the android app is even compatible with android tablets. Users get to see what celebrities are wearing nowadays and then tailor their own fashion sense from influence gained from these famous people.
Hailed as one of the highly rated Google android apps, this android apps download presents you with a list of android apps that are most downloaded all over the world.

The locations of your users are displayed in real time on Google Maps and you can even search for new members based on your location or any random location of your choice. This android apps download displays all Facebook events as the birthdays of your all your FB friends, thereby ensuring that you are always on top of all important dates. Users can easily watch videos from Facebook as well as YouTube and can also take a look at their friends’ wall posts as well as album photos. Furthermore, this android apps download also offers a unique bookmarking system, wherein you can easily save your favorite FB links, such as the likes of FB Pages or a specific FB profile link. You can easily integrate this android app with your Facebook account and the app also continuously adds new social games to the catalog. Furthermore, this android app provides you with cross platform compatibility, where in it provides apps for both Google Android as well as Apple iOS among other app stores. Users will benefit from real time notifications in regards to new connection requests as well as inbox messages. This android app is ideal to be used in shopping malls, airports or any other crowded space and the android app never shares you location with any third party. With more than 10 million download, this android apps is one of the highly rated Google android apps that also enables you to make new friends while playing awesome game titles.
This android app comes with five different widgets, a gorgeous user interface and birthday themed Live wallpapers.
Furthermore, users can also comment, post achievements as well as screenshots all from within Applorer itself.
Users can easily select photos from the android gallery and apply desired changes, while also being able to undo or redo the changes as many times as they feel like.
This android app comes with categorized filters such as the likes of Effect, Border, Patterns etc. You can easily configure a variety of web based email services such as the likes of Gmail,. You can easily share documents and photos from Dropbox as well as from other cloud storage services, while users will soon be treated to video calling feature as well with the upcoming Bistri update.
One of the best choices, if you want a different one from what is provided on stock Android is the Dolphin Browser.
Furthermore, with deep social network integration, this android app even brings real time notifications from your Facebook, Twitter and AIM accounts. Furthermore, you can also share images, while in the event of a poor connection, the app instantly switched to SMS, thereby constantly keeping you in touch.
Pose provides access to a wide range of stylish photographs and also comes with a specially create style finder to give you the most happening fashion trends.
This android apps download also presents you with the most popular android apps as well android games and users can even participate in discussion board custom tailored for each and every app. This android app also comes with deep social network integration with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, where in you can instantly share your location with your family friends via these social networks. This android app even provides you with the ability to directly comment, ‘Like’ as well as share other FB users’ wall posts, photos and videos.
All grouped created by users are completely private and you can invite your selected few by sending Everyme invitation via email only. PlayPhone has been developed to provide cross-platform compatibility, where in you can easily play social games on Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone etc. You can also share your installed apps via your Facebook timeline and view which apps your friends are using. Also, you can easily place phone calls to Viadeo members in your via Skype or conventional calling. This android app also comes with a special check-in feature that enables you to display check ins for your favorite games. Furthermore, users can easily import phone as well as Facebook contacts and can even safely backup or restore these contacts.
There is also present six gorgeous photo frames, cropping feature with multiple proportions, as well as the ability to apply text to images.
Furthermore, you can also share your namecard with your family and friends, while also being able to sync your namecard with a variety of cloud based services.
With Gesture and Sonar support, the browser is incredibly popular, full of features, and has robust add-on support. The app has many security features, and throws in a battery manager as well to ensure efficient power consumption. Furthermore, this android app even brings together popular photo sharing websites including Flickr and Picassa.
Also, you can conduct Google Talk and Facebook Chat sessions directly from within AIM, while also getting the option to customize your LED notification color as well as incoming message sound alerts. You can even send directs messages to other users for a more private conversation, while sharing your location with your friends and viewing theirs on a map.
Furthermore, AppAware features a state of the art search engine that lets your easily find and install your most sought after android app, while there are also regular updates available for the apps you download from AppAware. There is also present the option of uploading images as well as videos and users are also provided with numerous profile customization options. Furthermore, this android app even provides you with the ability to assign a unique cover photo each of the groups you create. You can invite your friends from Facebook as well as Twitter and be updated about your favorite games with constant feeds. There is also available a dedicated news feed for your own specific field and can even share articles you like. There is also present an option of manually adding contacts, while you can also edit, merge and search contacts by names. Furthermore, this android apps download also brings a dedicated Facebook feed of your friends’ profiles. You can even encase your touched photos with gorgeous photo frames and share these photos via Facebook.

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