Free Android games 2012: Android Linux-based operating system, compared with other operating systems that can reduce the likelihood of errors that are common on other platforms. Today mobile phones are used not only for telecommunications, but also to play games, surf the Internet, read e-books, chat with friends and much more.
I'm an economist and i am currently visiting postgraduate study at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Android is a Java-based environment, and most mobile game developed using the Java programming language.

Game developers to develop games for the fun and excitement with innovative ideas with the latest technology.
Raging Thunder has many options such as online multiplayer games, the 3D graphics technology, and projects to improve the physical address, and Thunder adapted controls.Raging has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and over 57,000 Android users give ratings to it . The development of games on this platform is very simple and compatible with all audio formats and MPEG4 video files, JPG, PNG, MP3, GIF, MP4, ACC, and so forth. This game is free to download and has a size of 3.2 MB for thousands of free applications for Android Games offered by Google.

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