Again, it’s one of those episodes with not too much to comment about as it is going through its paces as a slice of life anime with some fabulous swimming. To be a bit more serious, the last part is where the somewhat unexpected happens, at least, I wouldn’t have expected it from the outset of the first episode even though I had a feeling something like this would happen this episode. I actually didn’t expect Rei to set off by himself and end up drowning with the end of the episode. Hey entrav, just thought I’d leave you with a guide to the facial expressions of Free! Very very awkward, but you have to really find out yourself if you like those types of shows.
This might be weird but half the fanbase was actually expecting something really bad to happen in this episode.
Now from the preview, I thought this was going to be your average generic beach episode, however, I was so wrong. Despite his teammates encouragement, Rei feels ashamed of his small progress and wants to practice more. Okay, First, no one should really swim alone unless they truly know what they are doing, and even then, definitely not alone in open water where anything can happen.
Second, if one can help it, one should NEVER swim in the ocean at night and DEFINITELY not alone. Well, long story short, Rei messed up though with the best of intentions, and gets trapped in the ocean during a storm, with very few swimming skills. This was like the complete opposite of ep 4… and the contrast was surprisingly pleasant. Although I must say that as someone who was trained with First Aid and CPR I always cringed in the way it’s portrayed in fiction. My daughter and I watched this episode again last night and mouth-to-mouth was the first thing I thought of after seeing the PV.
Watch The Pokemon XY Anime Episode 76 As Ash Gets A Noibat: Episode 84 Title Confirmed By Newtype Magazine! The latest episode of the Pokemon XY anime has just aired in Japan, and now fans can watch it online! In this episode titled "The Wind, the Egg and the Noibat," Hawlucha discovers a Pokemon egg as Ash and friends head toward Dendemille Town.
Most recently, Serebii also confirmed that Japanese magazine Newtype has released the episode title of another upcoming Pokemon XY anime episode.
KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web. There will always be episodes like this that has to set up the future ones and for what it does, I think this episode does it just fine. Would be nice to see something darker, if for no other reason than to jar Haru out of his silent stupor and force him to give answers to questions that are longer than 2 or 3 words .
Your right I really felt toward the end it got dark and serious and with Makoto’s past.
Well, unless KyoAni knows we all think that way and end up pulling- Nah, the fujoshis will be livid. It caught my eye because of the animation quality and artwork, but I just want to know, have you heard of it?
To me, the lead character is about as annoying as a whiny, crying baby from which you can’t get away.

It turns out the light novel High Speed give a lot more background into the characters pasts. I knew that Makoto was going to get a backstory sooner or later, but maybe not something of this caliber.
We find out that like many quiet, motherly, optimistic guys in anime, Makoto has a past, and it looks like it has to do with something that happened in the ocean. It seems that of course, Rin’s school happens to be practicing on the exact same island as Haru and friends.
We get a lot of development for our characters as they do their training for their first competition. Not only is the fact that the ocean looks like black ink at night and you can hardly see anything, there are extremely dangerous currents that you might not notice till to late, and if alone, there will be nobody help you if an accident should occur. Maybe it was a sudden thunderstorm, but it might have helped to look at the weather channel.
Makoto wakes up and finds his new friend in danger and without a second thought, goes to his rescue.
Looks like we’ll be in for a treat as the preview for the next episode looks quite intense as well. If I had to guess, the most obvious thing that could have happened is that someone died, or someone got injured, or something along those lines.
Well, let’s leave him aside for now and discuss the group and their prospects on the competition. I liked the first episode, but it’s just the same thing over and over again with each new episode. We don’t get much into what truly happened other than a single short flashback and foreboding hints from Haru and Rin.
Also, there is the fact that many sea animals are nocturnal hunters, that will add even more added danger.
How will this end for the two we can only guess as Makoto will have to face his past fears in order to save Rei from drowning. I couldn’t help but feel that something bad was about to happen as soon as I saw Rei struggling and then going to swim in the dark. Watch a new streaming simulcast anime episode every Saturday .Watch anime online english dubbed and subbed. And while Noibat bonds with Ash and Pikachu, it has not learned to fly, so Ash and Pikachu try to train it to do so.
All that leaves is Makoto which I was commenting on in previous episodes about his lack of development. Everyone is obviously super muscular and beyond the normal human capabilities that we know because they are the fabulous bishounen that surpasses the foundations of logic with their super muscular and beyond the normal capabilities bodies. It is not a direct spoiler, but it is taking a pretty big part of a character’s growth.
Olympic swimmers don’t swim alone in the ocean at night, let alone a first time beginner.
It was pretty nonsensical for him to swim in an ocean in the dark when he has just started to learn how to swim. Free anime streaming with thousands of full anime episodes and movies in HD at ThatAnime.Watch Anime Streaming Online Subbed Dubbed.
It appears that KyoAni knows exactly where to fill the gaps as they do just that with a little bit of backstory in this extremely relaxing episode.

Growth or not, it should make for some at least exciting scenes that spices up the atmosphere. Clearly, they need to level up yet again to be beyond the level they were at before which was already super muscular.
Moreover, from the preview, the other characters are going to enter the fray and things will get even more hectic. I’m sure many would prefer to see the wave for themselves rather than having it randomly shown. However, you can bet that those shields are going to crack eventually, especially in light of this episodes amazing ending.
While meeting with his sister, he’s expresses worry for his ex-teammates, especially Makoto, who it seems Rin knows about as well.
Unfortunately he has a lot of that male pride and is determined not to slow down his teammates. Whether Rin will come or not is unknown, but when they do make it out of this, I do expect their bonds to be that much stronger. If you want to see a chronology of every awkward social circumstance involving a very socially awkward girl . We also see that Rin is actually pretty caring of his younger sister, which is also really nice to know about his character.
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