2 sets with 9 vector colorful business card design templates with abstract backgrounds for your corporative designs.
Set of 12 Christmas vector business cards for 2014 year with some Santa Clause illustrations, snowflakes and holiday ornaments. Set of 5 vector fall corporate identity templates of business cards, banners, headers, brochures, decorated with autumn leaves and trees. Set of 8 vector corporate identity design templates with business cards, brochures, headers and banners with different backgrounds.

Set of 42 vector logo design with arrows, round or spherical shaped for your business logos and inspiration. Set of 18 vector free logos, set 2, with modern design for your business or corporate identity designs. 5 sets of different vector Christmas business templates of cards, packages, postcards, letterings, envelopes, cd boxes, labels and tags with holiday graphics.
Add your own details (name, phone number, email and web addresses, logo etc.) and make a custom business card, conceptual graphic.

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