June 5, 2013 by KC Coake 29 Comments Recently, I made myself and this blog feel all official. I was headed to a blog conference and knew that there would be plenty of networking and need for business cards.
I also made one mistake that may have been in the pattern directions, but I didn’t understand it. When you cut your flap pieces, you need to cut one piece with the wording facing up and one piece (probably your lining) with the wording facing the opposite direction and down.
My business cards arrived and I have to say, it was a moment of feeling very official at this blogging thing!
This is such a fabulous design, I love the curved fab and the pink fabric definitely adds a touch of femininity!!I actually just made one last night as fathers day gift! Sometimes I had to read through the pattern directions a couple of times to understand what they meant, but I managed to figure things out.

The hardest part, to me, was putting the Peltex into the little secret opening and getting it in the right place.
For a moment, when I was almost done sewing it, I thought maybe it was going to be too small. I set out to find a free pattern that was possibly a little different and would reflect both me and my blog. This pattern was fairly easy to put together, though my seam ripper did get a little workout. The Peltex goes in as one of the last steps and serves a support for the back of the business card holder. I made the business card holder pink because I like pink, but I also knew it would match my cards…ohh la la! I was so busy I didn’t notice that somehow blogger turned my comments off…so thank you for proving that all the work I did to fix them this morning worked!

When it was time to pin the exterior and the lining right sides together, it wouldn’t work.
I tried to find some locally with which to sew this business card holder, but I couldn’t find any in the colors I wanted. You can feel official too, by making your own business card holder and ordering some business cards.

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