Atomic Business Cards is a simple business card generator that lets you create free business cards in PDF format which you can later get printed. All it asks for are your details, like your name, website, email address, phone numbers etc.
Did you ever want to create your own business card design, or play with some business card design ideas and see what you come up with? Printing is free with provided (print ready) artwork, limited to one set of cards per customer. Backstory: After my failed pitch to George Clooney, I decided to make business cards to offer our producers as a way to share our film's art. Please be sure to include proper return postage on your Self-Adressed Stamped Envelope, as well as your name, username, and e-mail when sending in for your cards.
For International Producers outside of the US, please visit your post office to ask see if they offer vouchers for pre-paid postage from the US.
Bonus Flier: Use a business size envelope for your self-adressed-stamped-envelope, and I will include one of our 4x6 fliers along with your business cards.
The 1 Second Film is a non-profit collaboration Produced by Stephen Colbert, Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, and thousands more. I was thinking of featuring something for inspiration today like some unusual business card designs, but found out that there are just too many design blogs doing their own unique business card design inspirational roundups. Download link to the archive file provided below consists of four files in various vector formats, vector EPS (CS and CS4) and Adobe Illustrator .ai (CS and CS4).

Here are some free Adobe Illustrator templates of green eco-friendly business cards and letterheads in ai and EPS format.
Making quick and minimalistic cards have never been this easy, thanks to all the web apps available. It’s a free form, and you can fill it with anytrhing you like and set which text to be in bold or normal.
The Sacramento based professionals at The Print Center will work with you through the complete printing process--from conception, to design, to finished product.
On the front of each card is one of our 12 frames of animation, and on the back is a place to fill in your name and check off what level producer you are. You must include the correct Int'l Postage Voucher on your self-addressed stamped envelope.
So I just decided to create some new business card designs and share it once again here in our free Adobe Illustrator template series. They may not be uniquely amazing inspirational designs but I thought they’re pretty stylish. It’s nice to know that someone freely shares templates such as these, no strings attached. Without a business card many contacts you meet for the first time will not take you or your work seriously.
If your business card request is incomplete, or your return envelope does not have proper return postage, we won't be able to send the cards back to you.

Simply replace the text with your own name and contact details, print and enjoy your very own personal business cards. Another cool idea when doing some personal business cards is to simply find a good image background like nature and landscape photos and just place your own text on top. For a start-up business and someone with very little design experience, these designs would work nicely and they look snazzy too.
A business card is essentially the most basic element needed when presenting yourself to future clients. It doesn’t mean that when I say personal business cards, you cannot use them commercially. It looks like you’ve designed them so that they are easy to download, customize, and then send to a professional printing company.
These are all original designs by yours truly, so feel free to use them with no restrictions.

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