Germany's Torsten Frings was suspended for the semifinal match for punching Julio Ricardo Cruz.
After convincing victories over Peru and Mexico in the quarter final and semi final respectively, they were favorites to beat Brazil in the final, but were defeated 0-3.
And why aren't Americans angry that we traded 3000 our citizens for 3 Saudi Royal princes? Instead, he pulled his punches in Iraq after the successful invasion, dragged it out, and did nothing about the Saudis. The momentum was lost, and by the time Obama came in, Iraq was a churning mess with little gain from our military victories. We needed someone to go back and run the Muslim Brotherhood, so we could help them form their empire.
So even though OBL said it was his operation, his idea and he coordinated the whole thing, that was a ruse? If Osama bin Lauden and his ikl had their way - the house of Saud would be the first lined up against the wall to be executed.
In my opinion, that bastard Slick Willie and the democrat party, knew BUSH would win the next election, LET'S LEAVE HIM A PROBLEM that he will be blamed for, FOREVER, which also included monies that had to be spent on that war which depleted the GREAT WONDERFUL SURPLUS that only SLICK WILLIE could do. This is a war we must win, I could care less about legal niceties in dealing with them at this point.
These people are nothing but nomad Bedouins, and should be dealt with like the trash they are.
Here is an idea off the top of my head - let us buy up all the cheap oil they want to sell us for the next couple of decades and save ours until the supply starts to diminish or until the price goes up. Romney should have put forth a simple plan to fix the price of oil at $50 per barrel, by selling future rights to our own oil.
Let’s not forget the suppression of the evidence pointing to John Doe #2 for the OKC bombing. Oh and by the way, Romney has already said that royalty revenue from increasing oil production would help us reduce the deficit and eventually balance the budget.

There were 14 individuals on board, the majority of whom were Saudi nationals, including Saudi Prince Ahmed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz and his son Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Bin Salman Abdulaziz; the latter had flown to Lexington from Tampa, Florida, on September 13, 2001. In support of this, I’d not how quickly and thoroughly the US una$$ed from Saudi after the defeat of Saddam and his regime. Having been a major investor in American Horse Raceing and living in the USA a good deal of the time. That the blog is restating claims by the rather dubious Gerald Posner - JFK and 911 conspiracy author and former writer for the daily beast before being fired for plagiarism does not bolster your case.
Telling the Saudis to hold the al-Qaeda financiers accountable would be like telling the Japanese Emperor to do the same with the fighter pilots that hit us in Pearl Harbor.
Yes you did quote the report, but in the original blog there are conclusory statements far closer to those of Posner, that you admonished me to read the blog, the obvious inference is that you were defending it not the rather dry statement of the official report. The quote from the report made no such claim of culpability by any of the people the blog mentions. Part of what’s at issue includes a 28-page section of Congress Join Inquiry report that continues to remain classified. So, you post a link to a truther esq blog, then back it up with statements for a report that does not comport with the concussions of the blog. BILL CLINTON has more responsibility and BLAME than anyone, he did NOTHING about Osama when he had the chance. Bush and his father were good pals of the Saudi sheikhs, and evidently that outweighed their obligation to defend our country from its enemies. LOL I wonder why Clinton let Bin Lauden fester all those years and neglected to take him from Sudan. Making war on Saudi Arabia after 9-11 would make about as much sense as prosecuting the Hearst family for the bank robbery her (kidnapped) daughter engaged in. On September 16, 2001, a chartered luxury Boeing 727 departed from Lexington, Kentucky, for England. Something that could have incited a Civil War had it taken place while US forces were still there.

There was an article five or six years ago about how the House of Saud had broken it’s covenant with the Wahibbist clergy and were going after them with a (quiet) vengeance. The next President should also promise to shoot an environmentalist every 10 days on the WH lawn. Yes, it is impossible for all save you and the other illuminated to deciver forign language. Perhaps he desired to leave HIS problems to the next President, knowing that one would take all the BLAME for him, that's democrat politics for you. No one seems very interested as to why he did very little to nothing when we were attacked here and on foreign soil on his watch. When the price goes down - it no longer makes economic sense to pump it up and they cap the well. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Bush administration made a conscious and very ill-advised decision not to go after the real perpetrators of the attacks – Saudi Government officials, Princes, and wealthy financiers. They intended for that sword to FOREVER slay any Republican that even thought about becoming President again, they have almost succeeded. Especially one that lives in Beverly Hills, an active production zone paying handsome royalties to these silly bozos.
Where are the Diesel-powered passenger cars and light trucks (which alone could end our dependence upon foreign sources)?
Unless, of course, you believe three Saudi Princes were solely responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans.
The CHICOM know this and are attempting to develop crude supplies that will give them cheap energy even after they ship it 12,000 miles from Venezuela, Cuba, and the Sudan to China. When they start getting it from the South China Sea, we'll really see what cheap energy does for an economy, just as it did and should do for ours!

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