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From: Catherine Tyldesley's Big Juicy Tits by jamesy1969Her big arse is wobbling as I plough my rock-hard cock into her sopping cunt from behind, leaving her big tits swinging.
I picture Keegan writhing on a bed, cupping her tits, squeezing her nipples and gasping her delight as Cath eats her pussy.
She looks at me and lifts one, then the other massive tit up to her mouth, first sucking on the nipple and then lapping at my spunk pooling there.
I want to look at them, fondle them, lick them, suck them and then wrap them around my stiff cock and fuck them until Cath begs me to feed it into her cock-hungry mouth. Her tits feel heavy and warm, still coated with my saliva and I'm giving them a good squeeze, playing with her stiff nipples whilst she feasts on my big hard cock. I grab my cock and wank it, the first spray shooting all over her pretty face, the second aimed into her spectacular cleavage and I keep rubbing it out over her heavy jugs until her tits are coated in my spunk. When I couldn't take any more (which wouldn't take long, to be honest!), they'd be on their knees in front of me, giggling and touching each other's tits, looking at me in expectation. Obviously they'd lick each other clean From: Any priests on this website into masturbating or mutual masturbating ? She's already stripped for me, watching me wank my throbbing cock before getting on her knees, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her pert tits whilst I wanked off and spunked all over her sexy face.

Now she's lying, still naked, across the sofa, her head in my lap and her mouth engulfing my soft cock, her tongue flicking out below the base and licking at my balls. My cock soon engorges and straightens, filling her mouth and snaking into her throat but still she keeps her lips planted at the base, lapping at my balls. Her self-ministrations become more and more frantic: she kneels up, her full lips still balls-deep in my crotch, and reaches both hands behind her, her right hand fucking her sopping wet cunt with 2, then 3 and finally 4 fingers whilst she rubs her clit with her left.
With her upper half supported by nothing but her mouth speared by my cock, and her hands behind her, I reach forward and starts gently squeezing her tits, circling her areolae and grazing her nipples fully erect. She holds eye contact the whole time whilst he sucks, licks, slobbers and gorges on my cock. She senses it coming and removes her hand, collapsing her face into my crotch again, my cock sliding into her throat as my toes curl, my muscles contract and I feel my cock shoot wave after wave of spunk into the gorgeous girl's throat. She lets my cock grow limp in her mouth, rolling it around in her cheeks as I idly fondle her arse. I'll be continuing to wank over Littlewood "catalogue" as long as Myleene is strutting her perfectly fuckable stuff in it!
From: Catherine Tyldesley's Big Juicy Tits by jamesy1969Her cleavage looked fantastic on Corrie last night. She spins around and kneels in front of me and I rub my cock on her face, leaving a trail of cunt slime across her cheek. She takes my stiff cock deep in her throat and tongues my balls before dragging her soft lips all the way up the shaft, moaning her delight.
Her tongue is working overtime around my shaft and I'm sliding it back and forth into her mouth and throat.

I'd have them both on their hands and knees but with one facing me so that I could pull out of Myleene's hot cunt and slip my stiff cock straight into Jorgie's mouth, and vice versa. She looks up at me and moans, a purr of satisfaction, as she slides her hand down her body to her shaved pussy and starts slowly strumming on her little bud. She looks at me wide-eyed as though surprised by the extra stimulation and the squelching of her wanked cunt becomes audibly wetter - and faster - as her moans become deeper and louder, deliciously vibrating through my straining cock. She opens her mouth wide, my cock still planted in her throat, and grunts her pleasure as her orgasm visibly waves through her.
She takes it right to the back of her throat again whilst she plays with my balls, before lifting her head, spitting into her hand and wanking me, hard and fast, sucking on the bulbous end of my impossibly stiff cock.
I pull my foreskin back and let 2 massive spurts out over her tits before wanking the rest of my spunk out over them. I wonder if she has ever managed to get lipstick marks all around the base of a cock whilst she has swallowed it all down her throat. I feel her throat try to close and her try to swallow around my cock, so I let her head up. Can I wank myself off at the same time?"From: The Last Celebrity You Jackd To by jamesy1969Spunked over gorgeous Cath Tyldesley's immense tits twice today already!

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