This item is eligible for Free International Shipping Pick 'N' Mix - Buy 3 Get 1 Free! When it comes to boy bands whose presence in pop culture define a generation, a certain name comes to mind: Big Bang!
Just before kicking off their ambitious tour Big Show in January of 2009, Big Bang presents 2008 Global Warning Tour With Tae Yang 1st Concert DVD, a 3-disc set containing exclusive live performances of the group's 2008 Global Warning Tour which took place in Tokyo, Bangkok, and five major cities in Korea, plus member Tae Yang's breathtaking performance at his first solo concert Hot. I recieved this Warning Tour along with AADBSK3 as my birthday present and I can say it's really amazing! The second disc was less impressive, mostly because the camera work on the multi-angles was lacking, but the Boys Over Flowers parody was great, and there was a lot of subtitled backstage footage.

2008 BIGBANGi?? i—?i •i ?i?? e??i??e?? i??i„?iS?i™€ i??i–‘i?? i?« e??i§? e??i??e?? e‹?e?… i??i„?iS?e?? 3iz?i?? DVDi—? i??e??! The opening of the GW concert was a little slow and awkward, but the members all worked great together throughout, and I saw a lot of energy on stage. I expected a lot of near-shirtlessness and R&B ballads which is pretty much what I got. Not every performance was worth watching over and over again, but there was plenty to keep me happy.
The first half is Global Warning and has a page for each of the members, and the second half is all Taeyang.

It comes with a photobook (although most of the pictures where from Taeyang's concert, they all look good), all the concert, the special feautures and backstage comes with english subs!

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