Simply let us know what time is convenient for you, your approximate level of English and the kind of classes you are interested in.
You can organise your free trial classes by popping into the the school – we are open between 9am and 9pm -, by phoning us or texting us on the number on this page, or simply by filling in the form below. If you are not yet in Dublin, or wish to reserve a place on a course for some time in the future, you may prefer to book your place on a course by visiting the Book A Course page.
You can book a course (recommended if coming from outside Ireland), take a free trial class (if you are in Dublin) or simply ask for more information. You can pay a deposit for your course in the same way, but your booking must first be confirmed by us and your details registered on our system.

Dublin and depending on your experience and knowledge of the language we can organize you an interview to get an Internship. Price also includes: laundry, course materials, end-of-course certificate and report, activities, excursions and bus passes if the student’s host family is not within walking distance of the school.
Price also includes: laundry, course materials, end-of-course certificate and report, activities, excursions and discos. Our classes start at 0900, 1100, 1700 and 1900 from Monday to Friday and from 1100 and 1500 on Saturday.
If you simply want to send us a message, or the form looks too complicated, then please just send us a message.

You are welcome to call into our school at the address below or call us on one of our numbers. Lower Intermediate(B1): Can speak about future and past events, give reasons and explanations for a situation. Upper Intermediate(B2): Can speak about abstract topics, produce clear, detailed text on many subjects.

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