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If you need to add notes in important events that you plan, you might use the second model. I would like to know if it’s possible to make a bigger envelope (one that takes up the whole page of paper)?
Do you know if the post office has issues with the envelope and the “air mail” insignia when it is mailing domestically? This idea is very likely to make most men even happier than a bouquet of a dozen whisky bottles!
Thanks so much for including my 12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights Printable in this round-up! Guidecentral is a great way for Makers and DIY fans to create, share and explore DIY projects. Related PostsHow to DIY the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift DIY Mother's Day gifts are perfect for showing Mom just how much you care. It is a 12-page calendar with bigger box size surrounding the dates where you can put your notes in related date boxes. But, if you need a more easier calendar to manage and update, you could try other 2015 calendars designed with Microsoft Excel which will allow you to manage your events automatically. I really love these for our vintage wedding this October but I cannot un-zip them on my computer! This cement holder makes for simple and sturdy home decor and will surely be received as a loving gesture.

You could substitute the bottles for candy bars if your guy wouldn’t be much of a drinker.
Get a map or print out photos of places which are meaningful to you and your significant other.
You can personalize the wallet by adding a stamp of your anniversary date or simply his initials to the finished product. Our blog features Maker stories, trends, news and whatever else you might want to find in a Place for Makers. The first model is a single page 2015 year calendar where dates are arranged and grouped in one table. It displays all dates within one month in horizontal position while names of the month are arranged vertically. I printed the envelope on Kraft paper and really liked the combination, but you can print it onto white cardstock or any color paper you wish.
The only thing I worry about is if the post office will get confused and not allow the fake stamps on the front? We browsed the web for some simple DIY gift ideas for the lads so they can have some fun, too. You can form the mold for the heart (or any shape you’d like) from strips of an empty can and fill it with a quick-dry cement mix. Get creative with ideas such as hiking, tennis, cookery courses, a food crawl or go-karting!
You may have noticed some delicious looking recipe guides popping up on Guidecentral lately!

You can modify its border size, color, change font size, put different color on different dates, etc. This model is suitable for planning people who usually plan their events in some date period that usually across different month where it is easier to see their dates marked horizontally instead of usual tabular date arrangement.
Since about 6 months into our relationship he carries around in his wallet a piece of paper I wrote I love you on and threw at him (after folding into an airplane).
Lauren from The Thinking Closet has done a lot of the work for you – her tutorial includes a free Printable! Once you finished with your personalization, you can print it and keep it in a place where you can easily access it when you need it. You can use it also as your team planning where you can put your team schedule in this calendar and distribute it among your team members after you put all of your team plan inside this calendar. This type of calendar will be useful if you used it as a reminder of any important events that you don’t have to memorize its description. Or, it will be useful as a calendar where you can cross out the dates when planning something before putting the real dates in real calendar or cross out the dates to marking the number of days that have been passed.

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