With over 4 million active users (and 7 million registered), OKCupid is a very popular Internet dating site that includes those annoying quizzes that everyone seems to love so much—and now Coinbase has announced a partnership with the dating site to enable acceptance of Bitcoin. This has been a big few months for the cryptocurrency with numerous businesses starting to see it as a viable exchange of value.
While currently bitcoin values run the gamut in volatility this has been seen as a problem for owners accepting the cryptocurrency, but payment processors such as Coinbase and BitPay help mitigate that by allowing near-immediate liquidity of exchange.
According to Yagan, very few users asked for Bitcoin to be accepted– “I can probably count them on two hands”—but he believes that getting in early is important for the company, not because of current audience, but because of the disruptive technological effect of bitcoins. As more businesses sign on to take bitcoin it will continue to popularize the cryptocurrency for the public at large.

Payment processors such as Coinbase are well positioned and suited for allowing merchants to come on board with little risk to themselves.
SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. This is even after last week when the currency reached a valuation high of $266 only to collapse below $100—currently Bitcoin value sits much lower near $70.
OKCupid CEO Sam Yagan, explained as much of the company’s intent in an e-mail with Ars Technica. OKCupid is an unexpected sign-on, shows that CEOs of extremely popular businesses see that the cryptocurrency has a real chance to become something significant in the economy.

Yagan’s hands-off attitude about putting investment into the currency itself is exactly what might be expected from online merchants—citing the volatility—but since Bitcoin has a real chance to become a global currency it’s a good time to accept it. Kyt is a published author who writes science fiction and fantasy works that incorporate ideas from modern-day technological innovation and explore the outcome of living with those technologies.

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