After a bit of refueling at Buds, you can continue up Spring Garden Road to the Halifax Public Gardens.
Once you tear yourself away from the ghosts and goblins head across the street, and take in the oldest United Church in Canada, and Nova Scotia Governor’s House (great harbor view here, and in the summertime they offer free tours). Interestingly, Halifax is a suburb in the city where I live, an industrial suburb, no where near as pretty as your Halifax. In that case, isn’t it nice that those people have a nice, sweet kitty to share their life with? The way I see it, as long as you’re taking good care of all your kitties, staying within the law about how many you can have, and keeping your house and the litterboxes clean, whose to say you’re crazy?
Our sons call me a crazy cat lady but we just have 4 right now, we rescured Wendy and could not leave her daughter outside as the weather was gtting colder, so my husband brought both of them inside to live with us and our 2 other cats all but Mikey have been rescued, we did adopt Mikey but his mother was rescued from the south hifh parking lot or yard, by our older son’s senior senior English Teacher. I have 8 in my house, 1 on front porch adopted me, 1 on back porch, I trapped and had fixed, she was having litter after litter. These are the people you hear about on the news, the ones that have an excessive number of cats kept in filthy conditions; far more than they have room for or can properly care for.
Maybe the parasite in the cat transfers to the human and causes them to become OCD about having lots of cats in the house?

This is Me'owmers ((pronounced "mow" (rhymes with wow) "mers")) my black kitty that got run over and lost an eye.
I’m deep into the new semester, and that really will be my focus until the third week in June. Next, I would head to Spring Garden Road, the longest shopping street east of Montreal, and have the best french fries ever. Destroyed by Hurricane Juan in 2003, Haligonians rallied and raised the money to restore the gardens in record time. Drop by on a Sunday afternoon in the summertime, and you’re bound to be treated to a big band concert, free of charge! By experience, I can tell you it feels great when one of your childhood or youth favorite places is still operating. I only have one, but I would love to have 10 – if I had the time to take care of that many. Mass media has drawn on this stereotype to coin the term Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome to refer to the association between T. I did a bit of searching to see if Bud is still operating, and as far as I can tell the fryers are still humming.

Spring is just that time of the year when everything comes alive, and there is nothing prettier than springtime in my city. Today, I’m taking you on a little photo journey of the place I will always call home. Back in the 80s I worked a block from Bud, and it really was hard to resist these awesome fries. We Bring Canadian Singles Together!Offers reviews for online dating services as well as articles and advice for the internet dating single.Reviews of the top Online Dating Sites and Internet Dating Services. Some of these photos have been posted before, and I think I managed to scare up a couple from my archives.

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