Ratchet Innovations - Web designing Alappuzha, Web designing cherthala, Web designing Kochi, Web Designing & Hosting Company website designing,website development,search engine optimization,web hosting services Smarc Technologies India - A complete solution for Web Designing, Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Services, etc. It’s been almost 6 months since Google closed off new free accounts for its Google Apps service.
I’ve recently been working on setting up a few new domain sites for a small company, and this resulted in me looking for free options.
This is where Zoho & Windows Live Domains come in, and they have the analytics to prove it.
With Zoho and Microsoft being the only two players left in the free game, how do they compare?
If an organization primarily uses email and Microsoft Office, Windows Live Domain hosted email is a winning choice.
I only ask as I have seen this exact response on several forums and it looks like it is not a genuine comment form a genuine user. Thanksgiving is a festival for paying thanks to each other, In United States this festival is celebrated on every 4th Thursday of the November month to thanks each other. Thanksgiving is a festival for paying thanks to each other, In United States this festival is celebrated on every 4th Thursday of the November month to thanks each other.
Most of the businesses believe that getting online is too complex, costly and time-consuming, this thinking prevents most of the businesses to move their steps towards building an online presence. Google initiative of offering free hosting and domain services to the businesses for 1 year is really appreciable. There are several benefits of hiring the free hosting and domain facilities offered by Google.
The fundamental goal of this initiative is to break down the barriers that stop small businesses from getting online and aims to help 500,000 small medium businesses in India to get online in next three years.
About Latest Posts Rinniee GinsburgRinniee Ginsburg is a email template developer and writer at EmailChopper.
Despite the change, both Microsoft and Zoho have stuck to their guns and continued to offer free domain email & other services. In a somewhat recent blog post from Zoho* it reported a 100%-200% increase in registrations immediately following Google’s termination of its free apps program. Well the first thing to look at is the user number, storage, and other administration features.
Sycing between their IMAP server and my own laptop (I use Mac Mail) is silky smooth, and fast. As most probably know by now, the newest Mac OS — Mavericks — essentially broke the native Mac Mail app with regard to Gmail. Traditionally, this festival was meant to be celebrated after the harvest cycles for paying thanks to the good harvest and all the people who placed their hard work to cultivate good harvest. Traditionally, this festival was meant to be celebrated after the harvest cycles for paying thanks to the good harvest and all the people who placed their hard work to cultivate good harvest.  In the programme launched past few days in presence of Mr.

To prevent these misunderstandings, Google has decided to avail the services of free hosting and domain services to the businesses. Although it offers free services for one year, but the businesses have option to renew it after a year by paying the charge for the services which ranges from a few dollars to a hundred dollars.
The chief aim behind taking this initiative is to grow the Internet ecosystem and to improve the utility of Web for the users which can happen only when Indian small and medium businesses will go online.
It is expected that “India Get Your Business Online” can get the things faster and will let more and more businesses to be online. Her technical competency has helped the professionals explore the new techniques in practicing the innovative email development. This is a grand platform where anyone can learn and share the informative concept & useful tips that revolve around the web development. Google stopped new signups of the free version of Google Apps for Business in December 2012, which was popular amongst small businesses using Gmail as their email service.
Further, in lieu of Google’s absence from the free domain apps market, Zoho has recently increased its maximum users from 3 to 5.
This is no surprise, but it really goes to show that there is a huge relatively large market for free domain hosted email.
When I compared differences between apps found on both hosts, Zoho still seemed to come out ahead. Most people seem to blame Gmail itself for this, citing Google’s wonky implementation of the IMAP protocol. So in addition to having a bunch of my own domained email addresses served through Zoho, I also have Gmail forward all my Gmail mail to my Zoho address as well. Rajan Anandan, Managing Director and Vice-President, Sales and Operations, Google India has kept the fact in front of everybody there are approximately 4 crore small and medium businesses in India but only about four lakh of them are present on the Web and also among those only 1 lakh possess a decent quality website. This is based on the approach that offering the free hosting and domain facilities to the large number of businesses may raise awareness among them. It is expected that this initiative will definitely prove beneficial connecting more and more people with local businesses online. She has written various articles that accentuate the importance of PSD to Email conversion, smart procedure for responsive email template development & many more. The free Google Apps for Business earlier allowed 10 email accounts, which was enough for small businesses on a budget. Because of this, everything else offered in the suite is just extra stuff that is almost never utilized. For example Zoho’s calendar has a ton of more features, and the interface is much more intuitive. This allows me to access all my email — both my own domained email and my Gmail — through my laptop’s Mac Mail app without ever having to deal directly with Gmail’s wonky IMAP servers. Google has planned to take five lakh SMBs online in the next three years through this initiative which is known as ‘India Get Your Business Online‘.

Logging in this site, they will get a free domain name, create their own Web site (from templates that are available), avail phone, e-mail and chat support and also use free tools and training etc and can get their business to go online within 15 minutes. All her writeups have become a source for many professionals and business players to grab the valuable information.
The paid Google Apps cost minimum $5 per user per month which comes with more storage, support and a few other features.If you are looking for free alternatives to Google Apps to host email, there are few options like Microsoft Outlook, Zoho.
When I ask someone about it, it’s always the same response – “Why should I pay for extra stuff I’m not using.” One could argue that Google Apps Gmail alone is worth the $5 monthly fee per user, but when you’re a profitless startup with 5 employees and that is all they use from the service – it can feel pricey at $50-$60 per year per user. If web-apps and an online suite of business apps is what’s needed then Zoho easily provides a better service. Here we will show you how to configure a Microsoft Outlook email account for your own domain. It all depends on the circumstances, both of these free domain hosts offer a decent free service. Effective around 10th April 2014, Microsoft stopped accepting new registrations for its free Custom Live Domains service.
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