I have talked a lot about Bluehost in the past and shared many tutorials that will help you to get started with your WordPress blog on Bluehost.
When I started my WordPress journey, I had no idea about WordPress hosting, domain name, and it all sounded rocket-science to me. Click on select under your preferred plan & on the next page you can claim your free domain or use any of your existing domain as the primary domain for this hosting account. Since Bluehost is an old and reliable WordPress hosting company, this investment is better than paying next year renewal fees with no discount. When you are filling up the package information column, if you taking your website backup somewhere else, then do uncheck site backup pro.
Once your payment is processed, in few minutes you will be receiving your Bluehost login details.
Because it is unmanaged VPS, it might be harder for newbies, but we have server pilot to ease the process. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Free transfer - Transfer your domain to us for free, we will even throw in 20 free e-mail accounts and a courtesy web page!
We have discovered that a company called, "Domain Registry of America", has been contacting our customers with unsolicited mailings about domain transfers.
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To contact our support team, simply submit a support ticket from the Client Area interface.
Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’d like to create my own website”, but you simply don’t know where to start? Before you jump into making a website, you first need to understand the basic terms and structure. All websites consist of files that contain your blog posts, images, and videos; this is your content.

To begin to create a website, let’s first purchase a hosting plan and set up a domain name.
You will be registering a new domain, so begin by picking an appropriate domain name for your site. After you have selected a domain name you like, you will need to enter your contact and payment information in the next section. Once the registration process is completed, you will receive an email containing a login name and password to your hosting control panel.  As mentioned above, your hosting account is the place on which your files for your website are stored, so the “hosting control panel” is how you will access those files.
After using Self hosted WordPress blog for years, I know WordPress is one of the easiest Blogging platforms to learn, and start with.
If you already have a domain name with you, you can use that to sign up for Bluehost, and use free domain feature later on. We pride ourselves in providing a low cost service, with no hidden costs, and an excellent level of support for all our customers.
Fast Name are now pleased to provide, as standard with all domain name registrations, new improved Webmail. We pride ourselves with the fact that there are no hidden costs, (such as transfer fees), and the price you see is the one you pay. Whether your questions are pre or post sales enquiries or support orientated, we will be only to happy to help in any way we can. The goal of this is to trick our customers into transferring their domain names away from Fast-name by making it appear that the domain name in question will be made unavailable if they do not renew. Webmail gives you the ability to check your e-mail inbox and compose new messages from any web browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world.
As mentioned, there are three main pieces needed to make a website: web hosting, a domain name, and the website content. When buying web hosting services from iPage, you get a domain name free of charge, so this step won’t cost you anything (See also - iPage review).  Once you have entered your desired domain name (WITHOUT the www) click on the “Check Availability” button to see if your domain name is unique. Make sure you have correctly entered your email address, as the system will use it to send you a log in username and password for your account.
With this constant growth has come great stability, which is the most important asset of any hosting company. Fast-name will not respond to any transfer requests made by the DROA unless this is also backed up by an email from the owner of the domain in question. 1host.my provides low-priced domain names registration, with FREE domain tools such as WHOIS Protection, DNS Service, Domain Theft Protection. With years of experiences in web hosting industry, you can focus in your business and have a peace of mind with us. Bluehost shared hosting is perfect for any new WordPress blog, and you can easily handle up to 20,000 traffic per day. I wish I could visit this blog before I purchased the domain and hosting, I must have received a great discount you are offering.

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