If you would like to understand other key domain terminology, please refer to the diagram at the end of this page.
Domain names are charged annually and must be paid for in advance (for registration and renewal). If you already have a web widgets website, please login to your web widgets 30 day trial first and register your domain name there. Swift WebHost is one of the leading provider of Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificates and Website Design Services. Advantage of having a descriptive domain is that it may help people locate your website through keyword searches on search engines. If your website is focused on a specific area or niche, then include a keyword in your domain name.

Every day, businesses accidentally lose control of one of their major assets by forgetting domain renewal until it is too late. Did you know that 15% of non-renewed domain names are registered by someone else the same day; 7.5% are re-registered within 10 seconds! Transfer your domain names to us and manage them all from one simple web based interface, giving you complete visibility of all your registrations, updates and renewals. The domain password (registry key, auth or epp code) was emailed to the registrant at the time of purchase. Email reminders are sent, but sometimes addresses may have changed or customer details may not have been updated in the year or so since the original registration. You can always select Auto Renewal when registering new domain names or switch it on within your Control Panel at any time and your domain names will be automatically renewed for you every time.

On the following page enter the relevant password for each name you wish to transfer to us. If you don't have a domain name and there's one you are interested in, don't wait till tomorrow. Whatever it is, its how your customers find you online and it's the cornerstone of your online Web presence. Renew your domain names today to ensure this critical asset remains part of your business portfolio.

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