This video shows you How To Convert from any base Number System to any other base number system without the help of calculator! The cause of this virus is internet, third party software’s, USB storage devices and more sources also. Scan your storage with your antivirus program (Not compulsory but its effective) > If your antivirus found virus then delete it. There are multiple software found in web for fixing this problem so i use USB Fix for this tutorial because it works great and freeware.
Close all the programs from taskbar, you are running, because when it start it auto close your all programs and you may lose your data. It automatically cleans your shortcut virus problems from all USB storages and don’t forget to restart your computer after using this tool because it make changes in windows directory and until you restart your computer, your computer will not work properly. Removing this virus from your computer feels a little harder than USB, because USB is a small storage, but your computer hard disk is a large storage that you cannot revert changes like a CTRL+Z. Rufus clocked in with a 16m55s according to my phone, but also has its own timer, which showed 17.02, though the built in timer did fluctuate throughout the process. With a time of 22m36s RMPrepUSB isn’t the fastest of the bunch, but certainly makes up for it in customization.

As for speed, 23m29s represents one of the slower tools on the list, but is included due to the wealth of customization available to users. Including the fraction conversion,also tell you 7 Golden Rules needed for those conversions. Before beginning I highly recommend you to First Scan storage with your antivirus and then go for below method. The first time when I found this virus in my laptop, I re-install my windows, but after when I found tools for this problem I start using only tools, because re-installing windows waste your lots of time and shortcut virus is not a very big deal as you think. A USB installation is quick, extremely portable, and has the added bonus of reverting back to a storage device following the install. In this context, it allows users to test their USB before proceeding with the burn process. Instead of assigning individual disk sectors, the file system assigns contiguous groups of sectors, called clusters. Before the burn commences, your USB will be scanned, fixing any irregularities to ensure your installation is smooth.
Rufus comes as a very small executable with minimal options for tinkering, aside from partition scheme, file systems, cluster size, and the type of bootable you’ll be creating.

At one point, it was over 10s behind my phone, but closed the gap to a mere 7s at the finishing line. Aside from the above mentioned features, it comes packed with a host of other BootLoaders, DiskDoctor, Speed Tests, and individual user configurations for those drives you constantly prepare.
Bonus points for the centralized tooltip, constantly updating as you scroll over menu items. It isn’t quite RMPrePUSB, but it has so much more to offer than the other basic burners we have already covered, particularly the inclusion of FBinst Tool, Bootice, and RMPrepUSB. The first thing I really got mad for the Shortcut virus problem is not removable by anti-virus programs.
I cannot tell you how many discs I ruined over the years by messing up the write process, but I have a lot of very shiny drink-coasters in my living room. There are different file systems available, though your burning tool should be discern your requirements via the ISO you use.

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