The outputs can go from as simple as a mono send to a powered speaker to multiple monitor mixes, to multiple house speaker configurations with their own mixes and EQ. I recently acquired this used Boss RV5 reverb effects pedal and was excited about trying it out.
What I like about the RV5 is using it to layer delays for that swirly synth pad type sound. I’ve been slowly upgrading and improving my electric guitar gear and happened to pickup the Modtone Dyno Drive on sale last week. This is the first in a series of posts about basics in setting up your PA or audio system to give you optimum sound reinforcement for a gig or worship event. The first thing to consider is what size venue you need to support and how much amplification you need.
If you are in a large space, let’s say more than 100 people, consider running everyone through the mixer (as long as you have the inputs) so that you have the most control over the mix. I learned a few things about guitar amps and fuses this weekend that I wanted to pass along. My thought was that there must be a reason that they had ceramic in there, so I kept looking.

The good news was that the ceramic fuse I found worked and the amp was back in business, but I was still curious on glass vs ceramic fuses.
Side Story- My buddy, Jeremy Smith,  lead guitar player at Valley View, has a vintage Fender Princeton amp that Cliff helped restore. I am fortunate to play on Sunday mornings with another amazing lead guitar Player named Keith Haas at Valley View. I’d love to hear what your experience has been with gear and things breaking down on you?
Having good sound can take a worship service to another level, but no one should know that it’s the sound mixing that helps it along. What I have learned is that when it comes to guitar amps and playing live with a band most of the time less is more.
I recently had an opportunity to be a guest worship leader for an XLT (adoration service) at an area church.
I would highly recommend OpenSong for worship leaders to have on hand for those times when you’re in a pinch or you need to be mobile. According to their website, OpenLP is about to release a new version, so I’ll be on the lookout for that.

As a final note, I realize that the environment is very important to a worship service, but don’t get too caught up in looking cool and having too much going on in your projections. Finally, when you want to share music or need to find a specific song, Youtube is the place to go. I would imagine that both Finale & Sibelius have many more options and abilities than MuseScore.
You have the ability to change the layout of your score and adjust how close your lyrics are to the staff and how close your staff systems are to each other.
I found a Modtone Speedbox at a pawn shop and was impressed with Modtone’s construction.
This is a short video of the Dyno Drive vs the SD-1 and shows how they sound along with some of the other pedals I use in my setup at Holy Trinity where I play Sunday evenings.

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