An offline browser helps you browse the Web offline, cutting down on your Internet expenses. This is helpful for instance, if you are a research student who may need to run experiments on-site where there is no Internet connection, or if you are travelling to a foreign country and have limited Internet connectivity. Unlike PageNest that works only on Windows, HTTrack is portable and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser works in both online and offline mode: the online mode loads the non-cached pages from the Internet and the offline mode shows only the cached pages.
It even highlights the changes in the updated web pages and shows a directory of all the cached pages. In crawler mode, it crawls multiple sites for various files like documents, images, videos, music, etc. Its lite version is free but it comes with some limitations like a reduced number of max levels and pages. It crawls the full website and downloads everything to create a reasonable facsimile of the given website.
PageNest Free Offline Browser copies an entire website or its selected pages including the text, images, and styles. PageNest allows you to browse the downloaded website or pages within its nested browser or you can browse them using any of your favorite web browser. BackStreet Browser is a powerful offline browser with a high-speed multi-threading download engine like PageNest.
It duplicates the original directory structure of any site making it easy to transfer the website to another server. WebReaper crawls a website and downloads its pages, pictures, and objects for offline viewing. The second is as an Internet Explorer cache that can be browsed using IE’s offline mode.
Its filter creation wizard and set of 12 filters allows you to easily configure what parts of the website should get fetched for offline use.
WinWSD WebSite Downloader comes with a plain interface and saves entire websites or their specified parts for offline browsing. It does however provide 5 handy download modes: download the whole site, skip the multimedia files, get only pictures, download only multimedia files, and grab only executables. One of its useful feature is an option that automatically shuts down the program or your computer after download completion, and comes for free but only works on Windows. Local Website Archive Lite can be attached to Website Watcher to download changed web pages automatically. It’s only available for Windows and its lite version (though it carries limited features) is free for personal use. However, Getleft is not as powerful as HTTrack and it processes only HTML – it does not understand embedded Java objects or JavaScript scripts. It can even follow external links, and comes free for personal as well as commercial usage. Program pozwala sciagac cale strony WWW na lokalny dysk twardy, by pozniej przegladac je w trybie offline.

Free HTML a PDF Converter es una aplicacion pequena pero muy util que permite grabar las paginas web en un documento en formato PDF. Free HTML a PDF Converter tiene un buen numero de opciones que afectan el proceso de conversion.
These freeware let you download entire website locally on the computer so that you can browse the web content even when you are offline. You can save the research papers or travel guides you need and access it later via these offline browsers. While some are premium software, our emphasis are on the versions that are available for free. It downloads an entire website to your computer recursively, replicating its online version. HTTrack is more advance than others and follows links from basic JavaScript code and even inside Applets or Flash files, but it can’t track complex links or server-side image maps. The cached pages are archived in their original hierarchy and links to cached resources are color-marked for quick view. You provide the requisite URL and it fetches the web pages and their resources from its servers.
It automatically links and remaps the stylesheets, images, and other page resources of the websites for seamless offline browsing. You just need to provide the requisite URL and it downloads the required resources to the hard disk of your computer. It can quickly download entire or part of a website including HTML, graphics, Java Applets, sound and other resource files. It comes with various other features such as update and resume functions, option to access password-protected sites, etc. The latter mode of downloading websites works more like WebAssistant Proxy but is limited to Internet Explorer. It changes internal links to relative links so that you can surf the local website in the same manner you browse any online website. What it does is offer features like resumeable downloads, filters and options for customizing downloads, option to provide sitemaps before downloading a website, etc. Aplikacja ma duzo opcji filtrujacych, dzieki czemu mozna dokladnie ustawic jaki typ plikow ma byc sciagniety.
El programa le permite guardar un sitio en particular directamente de Internet, despues de introducir la direccion URL y la ruta de acceso al archivo HTML guardado en el disco.
En el programa no encontrara, alarmas o asistente que guian al usuario, pero cuenta con la ventaja de que todas las funciones son accesibles desde una sola ventana. Antes de iniciar la descarga de la pagina puede seleccionar si desea que la aplicacion incluya enlaces, JavaScript y ActiveX y fuentes personalizadas para que se integren en el archivo PDF.
These are quite easy to use so that you don’t have to worry about how to download an entire website. The contents will be downloaded and their resources cached, so that you can browse the website and its pages later even without an Internet connection.
Do note that most of these offline browsers work primarily for Windows although a couple works on other platforms as well.

You can browse the replicated website just as you would browse it online, only the external links would not work without an Internet connection. It does not download the entire website upon request, but it automatically builds a cache of visited pages that can even be shared across multiple machines.
In offline browser mode, it downloads websites for offline viewing and translate all the internal links to local links. If you wish to skip parts of the web sites, its filters and advanced configuration settings let you define what and how to copy the resources. It uses advanced multi-threading download technology to get multiple files together from the web to speed up the download process. It saves the downloaded websites in their native format as well as in archives to save storage space. The version downloaded as a local directory works as a fully browseable website and can be viewed using any web browser.
WebReaper uses multi-threaded downloading and supports ShockWave Flash – it downloads and fixes SWF movies for local browsing. WinWSD WebSite Downloader does not change all internal links to their download location, and thus you may find it inferior to other offline browsers. Saved pages and documents can be opened by the associated applications and can also be indexed by desktop search programs. It’s also loaded with powerful search features that helps to find some information in locally stored pages or documents. El proceso de transferir una parte o archivo HTML a un documento PDF debe comenzar con la fuente. Here you have to simply enter the website URL, set download location, set the options for the download as per your requirements, and you are good to go.
In mirror website mode, it archives a fully functional snapshot of any given website without any modifications to set up a mirror website on a new host or server. Con este fin, en el campo correspondiente, introduzca la direccion de las partes (por desgracia manualmente), o dar la ruta de acceso al archivo HTML. Por si esto no fuera suficiente, en los "Mas configuraciones Converter" se pueden encontrar opciones mas avanzadas como el ajuste al tamano de la pagina, introducir los datos de acceso a una pagina especifica, establecer el formato del documento, establecer encabezados y pies de pagina, se pueden definir los margenes y lineas de separacion. Convertimos principalmente a PDF, pero tambien existe la opcion de guardar la pagina como una imagen. You can choose to download from a number of options available, test links, and update the download.
This displays a window where you can enter the details about the title, folder, options to download images, CSS, JavaScript, option to download image files, sound files, movie files, archive files, any custom files, and the depth options.Then as per your selection the files are downloaded which may take some time as per the website size.

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