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In A Dog s Best Friend Jan outlines the qualities that distinguish the good owner from the great one, sharing the secrets of how we can all become the pet owners our dogs deserve.
Completely revised and updated--the must-have resource for saving thousands of dollars at tax time A former IRS attorney, Sandy Botkin has saved hundreds of thousands of taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History's Greatest Speakers by James C. Turn Any Presentation into a Landmark OccasionEver wish you could captivate your boardroom with the opening line of your presentation, like Winston Churchill in his most memorable speeches? Companies with straightforward business plans, which executives explain clearly to the public, are to be prized. Note: It has been used for older children, just modify your terminology and add a few more facts. Drawing on her own inspirational experiences, she illustrates the importance of qualities such as patience and leadership, and gives tips on improving as an owner.
In the newest edition of this powerhouse bestselling handbook, he continues to deliver money-saving strategies, including: Advice on properly documenting any business deduction Guidance for getting big tax subsidies for starting a home business Ways to turn tuition, entertainment, orthodontia, and other expenses into huge deductions Important information on small-business tax changes and extensions recently passed by the American Taxpayer Relief Law Who better to turn to for tax advice than an insider? Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Or want to command attention by looming larger than life before your audience, much like Abraham Lincoln when, standing erect and wearing a top hat, he towered over seven feet? Humes, a professor of language and leadership at the University of Southern Colorado, is the author of numerous books, including Nixon's Ten Commandments of Leadership and Negotiation, Confessions of a White House Ghostwriter, and The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill. In her best-selling books, THE DOG LISTENER and THE PRACTICAL DOG LISTENER, Jan Fennell revolutionised the way we think about our dogs.

Sandy Botkin trained IRS attorneys and now shares his wealth of knowledge in Lower Your Taxes--Big Time!
Now, you can master presentation skills, wow your audience, and shoot up the corporate ladder by unlocking the secrets of history's greatest speakers.Author, historian, and world-renowned speaker James C. In his new book, Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln (Crown, $14), James Humes describes the techniques of history's most renowned speakers, pointing out that Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address--which might win a poll as the greatest speech ever delivered--made a compelling case for the Civil War in only two minutes.
He served briefly in Eisenhower's White House and was a speaker, in London, for ceremonies commemorating Churchill's 125th birthday. Her unique method taught owners how to communicate effectively with their pets by understanding the inner language that guides them. People around the world were empowered to live happier, more fulfilling lives with their dogs. Inside, you'll discover how Napoleon Bonaparte mastered the use of the pregnant pause to grab attention, how Lady Margaret Thatcher punctuated her most serious speeches with the use of subtle props, how Ronald Reagan could win even the most hostile crowd with carefully timed wit, and much, much more.Whether you're addressing a small nation or a large staff meeting, you'll want to master the tips and tricks in Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln. Aside from wasting precious time, a long, disjointed message is often laden with overstatement and useless information.
Yet, as Jan knows herself, even the best and most knowledgeable dog owners must constantly look to grow and improve.
In her new book she outlines the qualities that distinguish the good owner from the great one. Drawing on the inspirational stories and experiences that have made her a better owner, she illustrates the importance of such qualities as patience and trust, loyalty and leadership. I've followed Humes's lessons for years, and he combines them all into one compact, hard-hitting resource. I trust the short and sharp and am suspicious of the verbose.Public speaking, architecture and even accessorizing are all better when simple.

And in doing so she shows how everyone can become better, even more understanding companions to their dogs. In my experience the companies with the simplest stories are the ones that thrive over the long term.
Aside from the accounting fraud and other ethi-cal lapses that later came to light, in its heyday Enron was a bad investment idea. Additionally, it operates the Keller Graduate School of Management, which ac-counts for 20% of DeVry University's 55,961 students.Also, DeVry's Becker Conviser Professional Review Program provides coursework for professional certifica-tion exams, including the certified public accountant, certified management accountant and chartered financial analyst examinations.
DeVry sells for 17 times trailing earnings, 19 times forward earnings and at a 33% discount to my $24 estimation of its intrinsic worth.Park Place Entertainment (8) makes business out of pleasure. The world's largest casino gaming company--it derived its name from the coveted property on the Monopoly board--Park Place operates two dozen resorts in five coun-tries.
In Las Vegas the company's prime properties include Caesars Palace, Paris, the Flamingo, Bally's and the Hilton.
In fact, the house took in $299 million in free cash flow (in the sense of net in-come plus depreciation minus capital spending) in the 12 months ended Sept.
It, too, is at a 33% discount to my estimate of its intrinsic worth.Tricon Global Restaurants wanted its name to say it all and thus rechristened itself Yum Brands (23). In sales, Yum is the second-largest fast-food company in the world and is the corporate equivalent of a food court, catering to different tastes by housing multiple restaurant brands under one roof.

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