App icons, maps, tools, contacts, addresses – JaredCo’s Screen Grabber makes it a snap to grab a screen shot, send it or store it for use down the line.
Also, on emails that DO go through, I am NOT able to open the attachment in the sent mail folder of my Blackberry. The material on this site may not reproduced, distributed, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of American City Business Journals.
Today some 40 plus years later, people are also with the grabber package, they are a rather good looking sporty car.
Posted this vehicle several days ago.Was not aware that the drivers floor panel was rusted.

With Screen Grabber, send a map or directions to your best friend, or send your icon screen with a couple of clicks to share with family and friends. But, like all JaredCo apps, it delivers real functionality that enhances your Blackberry experience. While Ford had the Grabber poly colors, they also slapped cutesy new names on some of their existing paint colors.
If you grabbed a screen shot of that important client’s phone number, it’s in the file labeled Screen Grabs, right where we put it for you. In fact, some of those names outright sucked, and the colors weren’t much to write home about.

Ford did create two new colors for their cheeky name campaign – Anti Establish Mint (paint code 7) and Original Cinnamon (paint code O), the former of which actually continued through to 1971.

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