But how do you take your email to the next level -- from a white bread campaign to a five-star email experience? And in this post, we'll walk you through each of these downloadable email templates, highlight which aspects of their designs address specific email optimization best practices, and talk about the types of email marketing campaigns they can used for. This email template takes to heart Da Vincia€™s principle that a€?simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.a€? In fact, this template is pretty close to the style we use in many of our own HubSpot emails. While your emails dona€™t need to be identical to your company website, giving all your marketing collateral a consistent look and feel helps improve prospects' overall experience with your brand. To generate clicks instead of confusion, your email should immediately address two important value propositions: 1) who your company is and why you matter, and 2) what your offer is and why ita€™s valuable to your audience.
First, the company's value proposition is clearly displayed in the top right corner of this email template -- in a marquee, a€?top of the folda€? position. Beyond a company value prop, you should also address the value of the offer, product, or service you're promoting in the email in brief, clear, and compelling language.
As we mentioned above, this email template is best for promoting a single offer or conversion event. According to research by 3M Corporation, our brains process visuals 60,000X faster than text. Email marketing sounds great for generating reconversions from your existing contacts, but how does it impact new lead generation? You'll also notice that this email template (as well as all the others in this set) includes a visible unsubscribe link and the physical address for the company's headquarters, both of which are requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act and ensure your emails are compliant. Because this template is the most multi-purpose of the group, we had our designers craft three very similar template styles. If you have more than one type of offer, experiment with this template to see if its tiled approach generates any additional conversions. Regardless of why this template appeals to you, ita€™s important to remember that every additional layer of design and content you add to an email increases the likelihood your readers will get overwhelmed. In this template, the primary CTA is featured above the fold of the email in its own column, with double (and quadruple) the real estate of the secondary offers and CTAs. This email template also does a good job of improving the personalization of your emails with its placeholder for the email author's personal signature and headshot. The most obvious use case for this email template is for ecommerce marketers with multiple products, such as a catalogue store or a photographera€™s site.
This email template is a great blend of a single offer email and a more multi-purpose grid layout, and it plays to the strengths of both -- clearly highlighting a primary CTA while offering additional content or offers. This template would make a terrific email newsletter, with one monthly featured article and a few pieces of supporting evergreen content. Download Sendblaster now and you will find 130 email templates inside the software, all free!

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Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: You dona€™t have to start from scratch every time you want to craft a new email. We've learned -- and optimization proponents agree -- that uncluttering your email messages usually produces the best results. According to Neilson, only 20% of people read below the fold, so putting your competitive advantage front and center is vital to improving email conversions. In this template, you'll notice the bold headline to draw in readers' attentions, and the copy below it should be used as supporting text that further emphasizes the offer's value. To achieve it, the recipient must click on the green call-to-action, which is large and visually prominent.
Even for such a small amount of real estate, 41% of marketers report that optimizing their CTAs is extremely valuable, according to MarketingSherpa.
With that in mind, incorporating compelling images in your emails are another great way to capture readers' attention quickly, engage your audience, and differentiate your emails. For instance, at HubSpot, email marketing is one of our top organic lead drivers, even though we're only emailing people who have already converted into leads.
You can use it for just about any email with a single offer or conversion goal -- which will probably be the majority of your email marketing.
This template arms you with the opportunity to provide an additional CTA enabling you to test whether your emails convert better with multiple offers. This email template is, obviously, designed for email messages that contain more than one possible conversion path or conversion goal. For example, if you're an ecommerce company and your conversion goal is a sale, then any variety of sales from a single email might meet your goals, and giving recipients more choices may actually make sense. So if you're trying to get your readers to embark on a very specific conversion path, this template probably isn't for you.
From there, the template uses design cues to present the secondary and third-tier offers, with subsequently less real estate as the reader moves down.
At HubSpot, we've found that emails sent from an actual person generate better open and clickthrough rates than emails sent from just the company name.
However, this is certainly not the only scenario in which a marketer might want to use this template.
You could also use this as a thank-you email, with the primary CTA thanking the user for filling out the form and providing the download or purchase confirmation, and the remainder of the email used to promote related content or products. Sendblaster offers over 130 free email templates to help you customize your email newsletter.
In fact, Magill research estimated that marketers earned $39 for every $1 they spent on email marketing in 2012.

Each email should have a specific goal, and that goal should be immediately evident to the reader.
Because you want the people opening your email to recognize who you are, using complementary brand cues can help your emails stand out from the crowd.
And using this template, you can easily swap the placeholders with your own images and CTAs. At HubSpot, we've learned that matching our emails with relevant images significantly boosts our conversion rates. These visual cues tell the reader which parts of your email message you're emphasizing as most -- and least -- important. This template makes it easy to upload your headshot and send out more personalized emails with the click of a button. For example, a B2B company could use this template to send a year-end roundup of its top thought leadership content like blog articles or ebooks -- or to announce widespread pricing changes across multiple products. Motors, business, ecommerce, marketing, are just some of the free email templates categories that are included in Sendblaster. Now thata€™s a pretty good stat to include in your next presentation about the value of email marketing if I've ever heard one. This specific template, for example, is best for promoting a single offer or conversion event.
In fact, all five of our free templates offer a choice of 33 different colors to enable you to customize elements of your email like its background, headline, and accent colors to mirror your company brand. We've also noticed that for emails promoting a single offer, showing recipients an image of what they'll get when they convert (e.g.
But if you were to replace this product image with, say, an ebook or whitepaper cover, you'll probably recognize this as something similar to what HubSpot sends to promote our thought leadership content.
Furthermore, the space at the bottom of the email can be used to emphasize the primary CTA. You spend so much time developing valuable content, so why not make it easy for your audience to share it with their own networks? So rather than fidgeting with column widths or image sizing, all you need to do is insert your email content and a€¦ presto!

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