Webmail’s software’s are scripts which run on your servers and give you browser based mail client interface like Gmail, Yahoo etc.
Secure and powerful mail server with multi OS support, currently it supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other flavors or UNIX.
Open source ajax communication suite with built in messenger, rss, calendar, post-it support.
Full featured web based application for webmail with folder management, editor, feed reader, web 2.0 mashups and tabbed browsing.
Zimbra claims to be the most capable open source email and collaboration suite available today.
There are many other paid solutions available which may be better than the above listed mail scripts. You can post your request on the Sage 100 ERP Ideas page, where suggestions that get strong community and Sage support can actually become part of future software releases. If you want to use this script for more than one salesperson, make a script for each one so their email address appears correctly on the Thank You emails. Your screen should look close to the screenshot below: (the Button Preview section shows you what the button will look like). Add line items or the order total to the body of the email, as many e-commerce websites do in their confirmation emails.

Kissinger Associates is dedicated to helping businesses profit by getting the most from their business management and ERP software systems. Create free web forms with HTML form validation scripts as easy as 1-2-3, using a simple HTML form validation script or the 123ContactForm web form builder. If you want to receive only relevant and complete messages, then yes, – HTML form validation is a must! In this tutorial you'll see how you can check if users have entered valid information into a form. The HTML form validation script makes sure the data sent through the form is accurate and well formatted.
Now that we have the HTML contact form code ready, we will just add the Javascript that will process the data and then send a response to the user. Test the HTML form validation script on JS Bin or JSFiddle which are interactive code editors that show you the code in action.
You can now create any type of web forms using our drag & drop form builder, and add HTML form validation with the point-and-click ease. Comes with Rich AJAX integration and has global address lists, shared calendars and document management on the web or offline with Zimbra Desktop. Maybe you wanted a button to apply a discount, or a way to add tracking numbers to order confirmation emails.

But what if your request doesn’t get support or the feature is specific to your business processes? Scripts use tools already available in Sage 100, leave your Sage 100 source code intact, and can be installed by you.
We will use a sample contact form and, to make it work properly, we will add Javascript Form Validation scripts.
The generated HTML form validation script can be published on any website, blog and social platform: Wordpress, Facebook, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, Twitter, to start with.
They are especially useful in checking mails on the go, also when you have several employees and want everyone to have their own email under same domain, it can be easier for employees to login. Now click where in the header you’d like the box to start, and drag to the desired size. Also as you’ll be using your own server the limit of storage will be your hosting servers limit itself, so it’s useful in you get lots of emails with big attachments and no free email service is offering enough space to store them.
Rated as one of the best free web-Comprehensive listing of over 1400 free email providers and accounts from over Lycos is offering free mail again!

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