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You automatically dart up the screen along the train tracks, and must avoid all the obstacles in your path, such as trains, buffers and carts.  Along the way you need to collect coins which can be exchanged in Subway Surfers for special items such as coin magnets, hover boards and even paint-powered jet packs.
It was developed by Capcom Production and Studio 6 and was released for Windows on December 18, 2003.
You can dodge by tapping left or right, jump by swiping upwards, or duck by swiping downwards. Many enemies attack the player in waves, and progress to the next part of the stage often requires defeat of all enemies in the area.

You can activate power-ups simply by running into them then using them to perform special feats. Subway Surfers is a good looking endless running game.
Sound effects and music are used to good effect too. The verdict Subway Surfers is a fun reworking of the Temple Run format, which is addictive to play and will keep you coming back for more.

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