Microsoft Windows has always come with some of the best, free as well as fun card games that there is.
The card games that came with Windows also became popular worldwide because of the fact that the most popular operating system featured those games. This game Spider Solitaire has similar rules to Solitaire but played with more decks of cards. This internet Spades is the online game played with real players online and is available in Microsoft Windows.
Roulette 2K10 is a casino game that makes use of random numbers like no other game out there. Now there are a number of TeenPatti games, which is a card game similar to poker but is played only with three cards.
Backgammon may not always be found in Casinos but it can be considered as a casino game as well. If you ever played this game called Nine Card Game or any related game to it, then you will love this Android app.

Since the time of Ancient Windows 98 and may be even Windows 95, there were some card games present in this popular operating system. Currently, the world is shifting from computers to new gaming platforms like mobile devices. This sorting game taught the world how to strategize in cards and sort them so that the game can be completed. As the name says, this card sorting game allowed users four different cells to place the cards. Almost all the Windows releases after 98 which includes XP, Vista and Win 7, have those card games pre-installed. This game even surpassed the popularity of Solitaire to be the number one Windows game after 2005. Once all the sorting was done, all the cards can be moved to the four spots for four different suits. This game also includes sorting of cards but involves more time as there are more decks of cards.

Sorting the cards in a single deck so that they can be arranged serially at the end of the game was the main idea behind the game play.
The progress of the Windows operating system has also shown a developmental progress of those card games. There are different game numbers of this game based on the possible random combination of a deck of cards. Additional options and change in visual layout are some of the most visible upgrades to our favorite Windows card games. There are much more than what Windows originally offered but this post is dedicated to Windows Card games that made it to Android devices.
It is true that Microsoft is no longer the publisher of those card games for Android but the same game play can be experienced with the plethora of card games found at the Play Store.

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