This site lists all the historical records of the 41st Mississippi Infantry from the Monroe County area. This free family tree chart is great for anyone who hates having to fill in charts by hand. This free printable family tree records the ancestors from whom you directly descend in a traditional family tree format, suitable for sharing or even framing. Since it can be completed right online it is also very handy for sharing your family tree with friends and relatives via email.This free family tree chart includes room for 4 generations in the familiar standard format. Researching your roots isn't just about finding out new information; it's also about presenting your information in a way you can use and understand. Including a tree chart in your files can help you see how individuals are related to one another.
Starting with the "handle" of the fan chart, write the name of an individual in your family.
In addition to showing more generations than a typical tree chart, a pedigree fan chart allows you to record as much or as little as you would like. Add in important family events, using lines to connect those events to their location on the timeline. Although it can take a little time to fill in the timeline, you'll find that this form is wonderful for understanding the context of family events. A timeline is also a great way to communicate your family history to other people who aren't quite as well-acquainted with the information. A family record chart or individual record sheet can help you keep track of detailed information about your ancestors. Because they contain so much information on a single sheet, family record charts are ideal for organizing facts about a family group. Family record sheets are also a great way to record census information or birth records, death records, or other important genealogical data. If you've ever searched a cemetery to find your ancestors' tombstones, you know how rewarding this type of research can be. Record all information on the headstone, including birth and death dates and any inscriptions.

Record any nearby stones and whether or not you've check the cemetery records and taken a photo.
While you will probably take a photograph of the headstone, a visual record like this doesn't capture all the necessary information. It's a good idea to keep several blank cemetery research forms in your binder so they are handy when you need them.
You can find printable genealogy forms on many websites, but all forms are not created equal. Regardless of where you get your genealogy forms, you'll find they are a helpful tool in charting the history of your family and ancestors. WILLIAM ANDRE was born Apr 17, 1831 in Sembach, Rhineland, Pflaz, Germany, and died Dec 02, 1908 in Lee Co., VA. FLORIAN JAMES ANDRE was born Dec 04, 1898 in Morristown,TN., and died Mar 17, 1984 in Montclair NJ. WILLIAM CHARLES ANDRE was born Mar 15, 1926 in Akron, Ohio, and died Nov 23, 1980 in Phoenix Az. A muted tree in the background and embellished boxes give it a bit of an old-fashioned feel, while the latest technology allows you to type in names and dates right from your computer.
Each box includes enough room for the name, date, and birth place, but the format is free, so you can choose the info you want to include.
This type of form usually only includes direct ancestors, such as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. If you're not intimately acquainted with the research, family relationships can get very confusing. Include other information as well, such as the individual's birth, marriage, and death dates. If you don't know the dates or full names for some of your ancestors, you can still include them in the chart.
Print out the chart, and use a fine-tipped calligraphy pen to create an heirloom for a new baby or a newlywed couple. To get a better understanding of the course of events for your family, you can print out this timeline and fill in the details from your research.

For instance, you may know that your Irish ancestors immigrated during a certain time period, but the timeline can help you see that the immigration coincided with the potato famine. This type of visual representation is interesting and easy to understand, even for the novice. This free printable family record chart has places to record information about a family group with two parents and up to seven children. If you create one for each ancestor and his or her family, you'll have a handy back-up should anything happen to your electronic files. You can find out a lot of very important information from a headstone, but you need a place to record it. You also need to use a form to record the details on the stone and its location, allowing you or one of your descendants to find the stone again at a later time. That way, you don't have to worry about finding a place to plug in your laptop to make an entry onto the form.
Be sure to have a selection of printed forms on hand when you visit important research sites or attend your next family reunion. The chart makes it easy to track the progress you have made on your family tree and see at a glance what remains to be done. There's no denying the thrill that comes with uncovering a long-lost relative or finding out a little-known fact about your ancestors, but knowledge is nothing if you can't find what you need when you need it. You can help take some of the mystery out of genealogy when you present your work this way. The advantage of fan charts is that they can display more generations than pedigree tree charts.
If you do not already have Acrobat Reader installed, or have difficulty opening or using this chart, you can download the latest version for free.

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