How many of you have ever been browsing through Facebook, Twitter, or blog sites and have come across a product giveaway or contest of some sort? Another great rule of entry is to “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” then leave a comment to make us aware of your participation. Take a look at my favorite food blogging site, Just Add Cheese, to get an idea of how you should do a giveaway if you are offering another company’s products. If you know of any cool contests or giveaways that are happening now, feel free to post them below!
We are going to do a giveaway a day for Mommy Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers, Students (middle, high school and college) as well as special promotions in support of Autism. If I could interject an opinion in here, I would have to admit I have changed my mind about this topic.
This entry was posted in Contests, Eyes, Lips, Make-Up, Miscellaneous, Skin and tagged Giveaway, mega giveaway. My GFC name is Rosen Gold Currently but I submitted an Appeal to have it changed to my real name Amber Gold. Well this one i missed:( haha but hopefully i can get some luck with the current giveaway youre having. Generally speaking, the more complicated it is to enter a giveaway, the fewer giveaway entries you’ll get.
If your giveaway gets a lot of response, you would up with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of entries. You’ve done all the hard work of the three previous steps, so now you need to make sure that people see it. It also took me a lot of time to promote the giveaway, because I needed at least 50 entries, which I got. I want to do a giveaway but I know a lot of bloggers use P.O box numbers and thats pretty expensive plus I honestly dont know if there is any other way than using your street address?
You can actually send a package without a return address but if the receivers address is wrong you won’t get the package back.
And just this week, I was contacted by a company about sponsoring a giveaway on my current blog! Note: Many of the articles on this site include affiliate links that may earn us a commission if you decide to buy the recommended product.
I’m aspiring blogger, free themes had limitations and generally harder to customize to your need. I should be picked because, um well I do not have any greater quality from the others that I should be pick over them but I can assure you that I will make good use of the theme that I win (i.e. I plan to build a WP site for my app developing business that focuses around the community. To enter, we would ask that you leave a comment or tweet us what your business plans to do with a Facebook page.
Select one randomly and then feature them on your social network as the winner of your awesome giveaway.
The rules of entry are simple, to the point, and promote both companies while engaging consumers across all social networks. Make sure you are presenting a product that is valuable to your consumers, but also will make a good impression on your company.
We would love to see what kinds of giveaways that our readers come across or are offering from their own business. Our products are stylish magnetic erase boards that come in list (large) and note (small) sizes.

Don’t forget to complete every action on the Rafflecopter App to maximize your chances of winning! Giveaways are a great way to treat your readers, promote your blog, and cement good relationships with brands. I’ve seen some bloggers basically ask people to write an 5 page essay for a chance to win a $25 gift card. I found some nice online Sweeps sites and giveaway blogs, even a Facebook page that promotes blog giveaways.
Giveaways are a great way to build exposure but it’s hard not to cross the line of pushing a product on readers. I do believe it’s a great way to grab readers onto your site, but if you’re still building your readership (been blogging a few months), is it logical to do giveaways or should I wait? I just closed a giveaway – three items from the limited-edition bareMinerals Remix Trend Collection.
I don’t spam but I find there is a very fine line between using your social media channels to promote it and spamming. It’s open source, easy to setup, easy to backup, SEO friendly, it’s got multi-user functions, AND you have a whole array of beautiful and well-crafted WordPress themes to choose from.
Tell us why we should pick you AND what you plan to do with the site you will use the theme on.
Once you’ve left your comment you can try checking out all our reviews on the ThemeForest premium WordPress themes we’ve featured right here on our blog to give you an idea of what themes you might want to consider.
Leave your comment right away and get a chance to win a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest.
I’m interested a theme in ThemeForest named Gonzo, I believe it will be a great leap for my blog. I’m looking for a theme for my new blog, which will be all about my travels to WordCamps and WordPress Meetups. Althought there are some hair pulling moments, I realized that there is something new to learn and discover in WordPress if you are curious and persistent enough ! These apps will be for the local community, about our local events and blogs about the events, provide families and school information and to bring our community closer together. Giveaways are a great way to build a buzz around your brand and your products, but some marketers still have no idea how to create them appropriately. If you’re giving a product away on Facebook or Twitter, make sure the guidelines suggest that your followers leave a comment or tweet in response to your giveaway. By showing consumers that they will be acknowledged for their participation as well as the chance to win a prize of monetary value, you can expect to see them getting involved in your future giveaways. Your business gets more fans, and your customers only had to click a button and type a few words to be entered to win a prize. If you sell a variety of pillows, for example, offer your fans the best one you have even if it may be the most expensive.
I am so excited to enter and also to be introduced to some new blogs and the beautiful faces behind them!
But giveaways can also be a huge drain on your time, energy, and resources if you let them. While it’s definitely your right to do whatever you want on your blog, extreme entry criteria can result in an unusually small number of entries. I also recommend giveaway forums like Online Sweepstakes and giveaway blogs like Blog Giveaways. In America, for example, giveaway entrants can’t pay to enter, pay to win, or pay to receive their prize.

It’s hard because you need to make the giveaway aware to people but at the same time not giving them unwanted things! We here at Blogging Experiment love WordPress and we think it’s the best Content Management Software ever.
You can browse through our site and check out some the WordPress themes we’ve featured here.
You can also go WordPress theme window shopping at ThemeForest and make a list of all your dream themes.
I have only found a theme that has all those things in Theme Forest so that’s why I would love to win this contest !! This engages the consumer and also gives them an incentive to spread the word on your contest to their friends that may be interested in what you are offering.
This method works well on blog sites, especially since a lot of bloggers promote giveaways for other companies. By giving away your most popular product, you can be sure to receive positive feedback from your consumers, which reflects positively on your brand image. Of course, your own social media channels are excellent promotional tools, and asking your friends to mention your giveaway on their own social networks works very well too. I didn’t use Rafflecopter this time, but I might do it in the future because I think that it really is the best way to count entries etc.
It shows that I am personally involved and not only trying to gain followers, likers, or readers.
There are so many excellent and outstanding themes to suit all types of businesses or professions that it would be difficult to choose which one to give away. Rafflecopter also has excellent customer support, and their blog is well worth reading if you’re looking for more giveaway tips and advice. If the prize is only winnable by residents of a certain country, age, or dress size, say so up front in the giveaway announcement. They ignored all our emails, including the ones from the blogger who held the giveaway platform!
Instead of us choosing the theme for you we’ve decided to give all of you faithful readers a chance to own the dream Premium WordPress Theme of your choice for FREE. When it comes to the goal of the giveaway, ask yourself what you’re hoping to get out of it.
When people can’t figure out your system (or if your system takes too much time too read), they become a lot more likely to just move on.
Tell your readers when will you choose the winner, how will you choose the winner, how the winner will be notified, how their prize should be claimed, and how soon after notification they must claim their prize by. Spamming creates ill will at best (do you really want to remembered as that fashion blogger who spams everybody?) and can get you banned from certain services at worst. In addition, you should have a clearly stated back-up plan in place in case your first giveaway winner doesn’t respond, and you need to choose another. Think through any questions someone might ask upon reading your giveaway, brainstorm any what-if situations, and then address them.

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