Want to save a Google Map for offline reference to help you with your latest Social Science project? With Google Map Saver’s in-built browser, you can preview the map by entering it’s location, zoom index (between 0 and 20), and type (satellite, map, terrain, hybrid).
By agreeing to their terms and services from the About link you can remove the watermark from the images.

Google Map is a lightweight jQuery plugin that enables you to create maps, markers or routes for your own complete google map using google maps API 3. Allows you to create a route between a start postal address to an arrival postal address or GPS coordinates.
Google Map Saver is a free tool which lets you download and save Google Maps as PNG, JPEG, BMP, or TARGA images in many resolutions suitable for computer monitors as well as displays of handheld devices such as iPhones.

This small utility is a stand alone application and hence does not need any installation to get started.

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