Tess Lindsay has spent most of her life on the remote Isle of May, uncertain of her identity. He expected to be the topic of scandalous gossip.Banished to Boston for causing the death of Lord Banbury, Lucas Dempsey vowed never to set foot on English soil again. Lady Alexandra Woodard vows to lead life as an unmarried maiden, favoring the existence of a teacher and activist over the dull, oppressive life of a nobleman's wife. Carefree and strong-willed, Katherine Montgomery is the daughter of a successful Montana horse rancher. England and France, 1817: Henry Wenton, 6th Earl of Brentford, is the black sheep of the family and deplored by good society as a bon vivant and wastrel. Description Read books free online, romance novels, romance ebooks and other full books online including vampire romance novels, pirate romance novels, historical romance and many more romance genres.
For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Raised by the two sole inhabitants of the island, she is left to fend for herself after their deaths, until a stranger washes ashore in a storm. Unfortunately her illustrious Old California family has higher standards--ones that Catarina fears no man will ever meet. But when his brother inherits the viscountcy and pleads for his return, the opportunity to show his contempt and loathing for the Society who turned its back on him proves to be far too enticing to resist.
She disdains balls and cotillions, preferring instead to devote her time and energy to more useful and practical affairs. When a tragic accident claims her father's life, Katherine is left to deal with an overbearing mother whose agenda does not include a young daughter. Then a French relative by marriage, the Vicomte de Maligny, the victim of an eventually fatal accident, bequeaths him his title. Despite her parents' deep love for one another, Isabella Carrington has always favoured her mind over her heart.Meeting Charles Dashwood, she quickly decides that he is the one for her. He lives a quiet, secluded life in the Caribbean and keeps his heart locked in a steel box. Will his daring rescue of a damsel in distress lead to happiness, or will his past indiscretions bite him in the arse?Catherine Ward is looking for her missing father not for love.
Tess pulls him from the surf, not knowing that in saving the Highlander she is saving herself. He did not expect an intriguing lady to barge into his home desperate to save his wicked soul.When the dishonourable Lucas Dempsey steps into the ballroom after a four-year absence, Helena Ecclestone is quick to label the gentleman a murderous rogue. The one temptation standing in her way is Lance Coleridge, her handsome and charming guard.
Upon opening the fancy missive, she learns that it is indeed a marriage proposal - only not addressed to her! Fate deals her another devastating blow, leaving her to face an uncertain future far away from everything and everyone she's loved.Trace Hawley used to push the limits of the law, and no one was going to plan his future for him.

Will the handsome Earl of Claxton distract her from her quest, or help her in her time of need?Lady Maria Bellingham wants nothing more than to match her brother James with her friend Catherine, and what Lady Maria wants, Lady Maria gets. Allie worked as an artist on the American art festival circuit for over 20 years, making her living showing and selling her work all over the country.
If good looks and a taste for adventure are a curse, Colin Macpherson is destined for ruin. That is until she stumbles upon a secret conversation and feels a moral obligation to see justice done. Ash needled her all through their childhood.But discovering him in the Barden Falls jail stuns her. Isabella's failed family means she has to take employment as a governess at the home of the widower Duke of Tregony.
The story of a beautiful young widow and the men who shape her dreams, shake her world and capture her heart as she discovers her talent and finds a new passion. When his powerful father cheats him of his inheritance, Jace strikes out on his own, determined to prove he's his own man and the bonds of family are meaningless. The promises he made a decade ago have shaped him into the man he is today, and will bring him face to face with the one girl from his past he always tried to avoid.After a ten year absence, Katherine returns to the ranch she once loved to discover the shocking reason her mother summoned her home. He's accused of murdering the son of Abner Barden, the most powerful man in town, and they both know he won't live to see a trial.
Instead of a helpless young woman in mourning, he finds there an independent-minded, radiant beauty. Shy, lacking in confidence and ashamed of her body, she hides under layer upon layer of baggy garments. But his fascination for this strong-willed lass goes beyond her wild beauty, intriguing him as no girl ever has.
But when they cross the line from friendship into romance, Lance introduces Alexandra to a sizzling love affair that leaves them both of them breathless -- and hopelessly in love. Surprised to find Trace still at the ranch, her childhood infatuation grows into something far stronger as he challenges her to lead the life she once wanted, but seems to have forgotten. Her only desire in life is to remain independent and free from men and their overbearing expectations. Tormented by her love for the Duke, she takes comfort in romantic fiction, Jane Austin.The Duke's sister organizes a ball to find him a bride.
While amassing his fortune in India, not a day passed he did not recall Felicity's fair loveliness, did not recall the silken tones of her sweet voice, did not desire to possess her. Yet how will her upper crust family react when they discover that the man who guards Alexandra also holds her heart? Will she flee or fight for the fortuitous love that sprang about through her passionate masquerade? But when Maybelle lays eyes on the Duke of Rutherford, who is well-known for his gentlemanly ways, she can't resist.

Against her better judgment, she aids Ash's escape.Now they're on the run from the law, and a bounty hunter they can't shake. Now a widow, Felicity Harrison does not recognize the handsome nabob as the young man left for dead by highwayman years earlier. As a fugitive, she takes a position as a governess on a tropical island far from England's shores.
The publisher has included several bonus short reads as a thank you for downloading this book! Ash says they'll be safe in the Colorado Territory, but first they have to survive the harrowing cross-country journey. Though she wants nothing more than to snub the arrogant man who promises to rescue her family from financial ruin in exchange for presenting his sister to Society, she cannot snub him. As her enemy pursues her, she has one hope of surviving his wicked plans: a dark, imposing man rumored to be the incarnation of the Grim Reaper. They'll find themselves battling old family grudges--and each other--to save a marriage neither wanted. Even if you've read Mistress of Pleasure, you'll find since its original publication back in 2008, this book has undergone a metamorphosis. This revamped second edition has countless new scenes, both romantic and hilarious in nature, which were added throughout the book in an effort to make you feel like you're reading it for the first time.
An entertaining Regency novel full of wit, charm and erotic tension.Two enchanting main characters and personable secondary characters experience amusing commotions and entanglements. But the longer she is with him, the more she has to force herself to remain true to her dead husband's memory. Duchamp suggests a pretend courtship to protect her reputation, Juliet begins to wish their cover story is not a ruse.
The leather cloak offered some protection against the bitter wind-driven rain, but her body seemed unable to produce any warmth as she lay flat on her stomach on the rocks to the west of the priory. Set in the lush Caribbean in the early 19th century with sugar lords and sharks, dazzling sunsets and sandy beaches. This unique love story between an English governess and a deadly French assassin brings historical romance to life. Who knew how long the storm surges would require her to stay hidden or how many days it would be before the Highlander's people would return?
Each time he came back carrying armfuls of dry seaweed and driftwood she had diligently gathered, she felt herself growing angrier.
And if this wasn't enough, he was building his fire within the area protected by the priory walls.

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