If you still cant find resume templates that meet your need, there are great sites that sell premium resume templates like graphicriver and themeforest. I know that presentation is key when applying for a job so we bring a professional resume template to smooth things out for you. Focal Resume PSD Theme is a multipurpose, elegant and well crafted one page PSD resume theme for creative professionals. This template comes in 4 different colors, A4 size and is print ready (CMYK colors, bleed lines included).
A modern creative resume template with boldness in its design and visual impact in the layout.
This is a minimal Resume template with social profile links to connect with your employer socially too.This template include 4 column grid so you can edit the template easily.
The resume file comes in fully layered PSD format with each part organized in folders for easy editing of text and graphics.

This template maybe slightly experimental, but the result is thoroughly professional, detailed and its overall design simply looks amazing! Another exciting free resume template that will hopefully make your professional life a lot easier. It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development. For this purpose we need different styles for our website and we start searching on internet. From stunning Art Work to Amazing Graphics & Illustrations, We deliver useful information, latest trends and techniques, useful ideas, innovative approaches and tools.
Resume is a one page HTML 5 template and responsive made using the twitter bootstrap its pretty simple and easy to configure.
This means that you can use it for learning reasons, tweaking it and adapting to fit your needs and printing it out in any form.

They provide the black and white version for printing to make your next creative resume a hit. A unique template where you have the freedom to use as many pages as you want just duplicate the layers and edit. Appropriate markup, microformats, and prints cleanly (could even print to PDF for emailing purposes).
There are batch of sites from where you can find HTML and CSS web templates but it is not easy to find fully free web templates. Just keep in mind being a free product, this template is distributed as-is without official support.

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