TheFreeFollower provide a service unlike any other, nobody has seen or head of this before, people think we are crazy for doing such a thing but we beg to differ. I selected 8,000 free followers on Instagram as I needed some extra help getting my page popular, 2 hours later the full 8 thousand was delivered.
This website is absolutely amazing, I cant believe that you guys are giving away all these followers, I managed to grab 10k of them without any problems, I had to complete a simple offer and I had the full amount delivered within a couple of hours. Please remember that any information you give us is kept safe in our database and will never be shared or sold to anybody. By now I hope you have a pretty good understanding on what our website provides but if you need anymore information please remember that you can always contact us.
Instagram trademark is not owned by us and it is a property of their respective owners, we are in no way affiliated with them. Before you go check out some more of these testimonials and don’t forget to leave your own!
WOW I’ve been looking how to get instagram followers for such a long time and I’ve finally found the best site! At first I didn’t think this service would work as I had to complete an offer but what can I loose so I gave it a try, I selected 15,000 auto followers instagram and a couple of hours later my account was popular! Who ever owns this website is awesome, I would like to personally thank you for showing me how to get instagram followers, I used your service and got just over 8 thousand this would normally have cost me a bomb – Thanks!

Privacy PolicyWe never ask for any personal information, share your email address with any marketers and will spam your email accounts.
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All you have to do to get this free software is to use instructions and the download button below. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
By using our service you can get followers on Instagram completely FREE of charge but these are not your usual ones! The whole process was so simple that anyone could do it, the best part about it is that all them are actually active and occasionally like my photo! Back in 2014 we had our own company where we sold followers, all was going very well and we was making a good amount of profit. With the increasingly popular free online image editing softwares, you can now cartoonize yourself and turn back your reality into fancy. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

We only use profiles that are 100% real meaning every account will have profile pictures and posts. I can’t believe people buy instagram followers when you can get them cost free right here!
I’ve always wondered how to get followers on instagram but thanks to TheFreeFollower I know.
In 2013 many other company’s formed which was selling followers just like us, this meant there was a lot more competition therefore making it harder for us to sell ours. We have been sending followers since 2011 and not a single client has has his account banned or disabled.
The way in which we deliver them does not break any or Instagram’s terms or conditions therefore your account will always remain safe.
We could have sold the accounts but that would have taken a long time and we wouldn’t have made much at all. That’s why we are giving them away and telling people how to get more followers on instagram!

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