Licence: Creative commons attribution license, Please check author page for more information. Planning your strength workout before you get to the gym is a critical step to successful training. At any time, you can go back and review past workouts, or print new copies to take to the gym. Fitness journal helps you create an easy to follow printed plan that you can carry with you to the gym.
As you make your way through your workout, mark off your actual reps and weight for each set. Our system pre-populates all your fields so you only need to make changes based on your original plan.

When you have regularly tracked progress you can readily see what strides in the right direction you have taken. You can easily plan and track your gym workouts to the minute, with no time lost and without missing a set! If you have a favorite exercise that you don't see listed, just send a request through our support section and we will add your exercise ASAP. Hit save and your record will be reported to both your strength training journal, and your workout journal. Since the longest-lasting and healthiest weight loss is slow and steady it is a good idea to keep good records. The best printable weight loss journal is one that you will actually use; it needs to be simple, intuitive and have room for personalization.

Finally, enter in the number of reps you plan to do (and the amount of weight you plan to use if this is an option). This journal is available for instant download and is free on this site.How to use the Printable Weight Loss JournalThe weight loss journal is designed to be used in your Excel program.
Water retention during your monthly cycle can cause water retention, noting those dates will keep that change from discouraging you.People who are serious about long term healthy weight track what is going on. It is an intuitive user-friendly tool.Download: Printable Weight Loss JournalNot what you were looking for?

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