12 Sep 2011 If you enjoy watching Asian films, check out these ten best Korean movies with English subtitles.
Are you watch the Other Episode?, Click here~,You will be choose the other episode list below. Some of them can be downloaded online, and 19 Okt 2012 tonton online tanpa perlu download.Macam-macam movie ada, melayu, english dll.

The police arrive.7 years later, Anna learns in prison that her mother has passed away in Seattle. Prison officials grants Anna a three day furlough to attend her mother's funeral.Anna sits alone on a bus about to embark on a long trip to Seattle. The man doesn't have enough money to pay for the ticket so he looks over to the seated passengers.

The man eventually gets the $30 and is able to ride the bus to Seattle.The sweet-talking man's name is Hoon ( Hyun-Bin ).

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