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Indeed, there are generally two different kinds of landing page templates you can choose from. Soon can play multiple roles, acting as a landing page or as an intuitive “micro-site.” It comes with two sliders and a gallery that are all created with jQuery.
With extensive customer support and easy to use template options, Conversion really stakes their claim on enhanced user-friendliness. Landing Page comes with 5 different color schemes and a page fully optimized to get the attention of your customer base. This free psd is a fitness landing page or website template.Design a website or landing page to promote gyms, fitness products and personal trainers using this awesomely free template. The Craze landing page template is a free psd that you can use as inspiration for creating various one-page portfolios, resumes, business sites and more. Clicking on an ad or a link that takes you to a landing page is one of the best ways to advertise and know that your advertisements are working. One will just list certain pieces of information about the product or service you’re trying to sell. There are many different premium landing page templates that can certainly provide you with a great first step to a great first impression.

It lets you break down the core concepts with intuitive carousel sliders and integrated testimonials.
You’ll also find 5 page templates that can be used to create the micro-site or just as a standalone landing page. One lets you include information and an image or video, one lets you include information in slider form, and the last one gives you several different customization options.
It features 12 different options including video compatibility, newsletter sign-ups, and even social media reviews of your product.
It can be easy to want to create your own, but why bother when professionals have already made some for you?
Our awesome team does their best to search the entire web for the latest and the best PSD freebies out there and put them all in one place were you can easily find them. We'll be glad to check it out and include it in our gallery if we think our readers will find it useful. In general, e-mail campaigns, website advertisements, and certain search engine options are going to give you a landing page that is a logical extension of whatever made you click on the link in the first place. These are generally organized in a unique way with the potential for video optimization to really drive in the point.
Most of these templates are highly editable so that you can make them similar in style to your own website.

But, you’ve also got a video area, lightbox gallery, and a subscription form built into the layout. They also provide you with several PSD files so that you can edit the landing page yourself.
With this list, you’re sure to find something that can help you in your search for a much wider profit margin.
In general, these landing pages are wholly responsible for keeping a potential customer interested in what you have to offer.
The other type of template you can choose involves trying to actively get the customer to purchase something. That means that you are essentially going to include the product, its price, and a place to enter information. Even though it might seem aggressive, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you’re selling your goods to the most interested customers.

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