June 15, 2013 by PattyS Opening nights are classically the most exciting of all nights for a show. You see, FREE Players, based out of Old Bethpage, is a theater group comprised of differently-abled adults. Performed this year at the Broadhollow Theater Company’s Bayway Arts Center in East Islip, FREE Players, which function under the backing of Family Residences and Essential Enterprices, Inc., brought about a professional show that opened to a packed house.
While every cast member performed with fantastic flare, I would be remiss if I did not mention several cast members whose singing style was outstanding.
All in all, “Les Miserables” by FREE Players was one of the finest productions that I have seen by this wonderful theater group.
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However, this is no ordinary theater group, just as “Les Miserables” is no ordinary musical. Under the tutelage of directors Tara Palen and Shane Fallacara (who is also the musical director), as well as assistant directors Evan Donnellan and Brian Lunn, this cast has performed extraordinarily well.

Acted superbly, with voices strong and sure, the members of this troupe brought the story of Jean ValJean, Fantine, Eponine, Marius, Cosette and the rest to life with conviction that was admirable. Set changes were smooth  by the “backstage ninjas”, under the direction of stage manager Tricia Ieronimo. Please understand that I felt that every single cast member was phenomenal in their own right. With coverage of a multitude of topics, Long Island Magazine has gained popularity quickly with readers looking for news coverage from a local perspective. All of the hours that were invested in the production certainly paid off, as the performance was thoroughly enjoyable. Executive producer Jessica Gallone was on hand with raffles, and one could palpate the pride that she took in this extraordinary band of actors, musicians and crew.
It is of the utmost importance, however, to make mention of a few who stood out in my mind. But if you aren’t fortunate enough to make tonight’s performance, you can catch this remarkable group on Sunday, June 16th at 2 pm at the Bayway Arts Center at 265 Main Street in East Islip.

Costumes were designed by Palen and Ieronimo, and makeup supervision was performed by Ava Anise Adams. And there are incredible costume changes, which makes this production even more astounding. John Stoehr, who played Javert, gave a credible portrayal of the frustrated lawman who wishes to lock Valjean away forever for a crime committed long ago. The other main characters portrayed their roles with realism and emotion that earned them the standing ovation that they received at the end of the performance.
I could not think of a better way for me to spend my Friday night than with the FREE Players!

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