Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere. I have now created the large Minecraft Enderman for you guys n girls to printout and create. The papercraft model comes complete with mount for support and grass block for your Enderman character to carry. Off course you don't have to build him carrying anything but if you do he will be front heavy and you'll need the grass and dirt block mount. Oh the hours I spent knotting pieces of thread into elaborate patterns as a child (because I was cool, ok?) Little did I know *cough* years on I would be putting those skills to work in the name of my child.

Friendship bracelets are well and truly back in fashion for grown ups as well as in the playground. Written permission is needed for resuse of logo or images where the original owner of the work has asserted their own copyright terms. Looking for fab things for little ones?Sign up to our weekly email to see the best of what's out there. I wish I’d read them before Christmas, but, hey… I can use them any time, right? After making her one on a slow afternoon I’m now being hassled by said child to make them as gifts for her friends.

If you weren’t as cool as me and didn’t learn how to make them when you were younger never fear! You'll also get first dibs on exclusive discounts and offers (including those from our very own shop!).

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