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Enter your industry, name and email information for instant access to training on mobile marketing website building software and MORE! Telkom officially launched its rebranding of 8ta to Telkom Mobile today (20 March 2013), and along with it, free Wi-Fi access for its contract and pre-paid customers under certain conditions. Existing post-paid and hybrid plans launched before 20 March 2013 do not qualify for Free Unlimited Wi-Fi by default.
A quick look at the Telkom Mobile website showed that the BlackBerry Z10 on SmartPlan 100 includes Wi-Fi access, while the same phone on the more expensive Unlimited Voice contract does not get free Wi-Fi. Many of the contract data packages include Wi-Fi access, though the “Internet 5” promotion that gives 10GB data for R199 per month is one of the few exclusions.
Non-qualifying hybrid subscribers and all pre-paid customers can get free access to Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots by recharging their accounts with a certain amount.
In its terms and conditions, Telkom Mobile explains that multiple recharges over R50 during a given window period will not qualify for an additional bundle or extend the window period. Telkom Mobile subscribers will also be able to buy ad-hoc bundles to access the network’s Wi-Fi hotspots.
Subscribers can buy Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi bundles through the network’s online self-service portal, or by dialling *180# from a mobile handset or Telkom Mobile dashboard. Qualifying contract and hybrid deals have a fair usage cap of 10GB per month, after which Telkom said the speed will be throttled to 128kbps. Pre-paid and hybrid customers that get access by recharging may have a lower cap, as shown in the previous table.
According to Telkom, the Wi-Fi service speed shall be reset to normal speed at the beginning of each month. For users to connect to Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspots, the operator explained that subscribers will have to set their phones to connect using EAP-SIM authentication.

This will let the SIM cards for qualifying post-paid and hybrid subscribers automatically authenticate them when in a Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotpot, the operator said. Telkom Mobile went on to explain in the FAQ that subscribers will also be able to connect a single extra device such as a notebook or tablet by linking its MAC address to the SIM card.
MTN will launch a new cellphone contract system in South Africa which will let customers tailor their own packages, saving them money. The much anticipated return of Top Gear to the BBC raises a big broadcasting question: is the post-Jeremy Clarkson version doomed to fail or will it help sustain the brand’s success?
The SABC’s decision not to broadcast footage of people destroying public property during protests should not be seen as censorship, the ANC said on Saturday. This is a mobile admin website , perfect for an application developer that wants to catch the attention of everyone with a smartphone. With the increasing popularity of smart phones we are seeing more and more mobile applications being developed. MobilePraise is designed for the iPhone but will also work on other mobile browsers running Mobile Safari and webkit.
All these FREE osCommerce templates are a special design for osCommerce – an open source online shop e-commerce solution. Hi to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this web site, and your views are nice for new visitors. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I mean, I can use glade or Visual Studio or whatever to draw a GUI and then write some code to glue things together, but I wonder if there is some tool which would minimize (or eliminate) having to write code, so that I can get input for potential GUI designs from non-programmers too.
Ideally, it would let you do things like draw non-standard widgets and perhaps define simple behaviours to them (eg, draggable, or clickable or whatever).
I think what I might actually do for this particular project is get some transparent plastic sheets and whiteboard markers and then draw a mockup in layers.
There is another tool, completely free and very promising, built on the Gecko engine : Pencil. This actually looks easier to use thank Balsamiq, which I find doesn't respect basic Windows UI conventions very well. In under a half hour, I had this application downloaded and a simple Windows GUI screen mock-up built. I don't have this problem with this specific project because the only people who will ever see the mockups are the people creating them in the first place and therefore would (presumably hah) know that they really are only mockups. As per the guidelines in the FAQ, please disclose your affiliation when you promote your own web site or products. With essentially no code, you can "electrify" your Pencil & Paper prototypes, while still keeping the fluid nature of paper. My only gripe would be that the result would just be a bunch of hyperlinked images with no real interactivity such as drop down menus, check boxes, text boxes, etc. Otherwise, I would recommend getting a TabletPC or a Wacom Tablet to draw it any application. State of the art training on mobile apps, text message marketing and mobile websites is YOURS!!!
Our free training course will show you how mobile marketing software can help with your mobile marketing strategy, where you can get mobile marketing software free and where to find high quality mobile marketing software downloads to help you build a mobile website. By using a Java Script accordion (Spry or Jquery) you can easily optimize the space of the small screen and add atractive animations.

It includes a logo.psd file as well as a little javascript to get rid of the navigation bar on the mobile on load. If you’re building any mobile, Android, or iPhone application this template is just what you need for your website.
It shows off computer products cleanly, well designed, it attracts customers with the most powerful and unique product display. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.
Its not constructive, yet it has 140 upvotes, 78 stars and 30 answers (the top one having 96 upvotes).
If the user wants a dramatic change, you just pull out another sheet of paper -- instead of having to design the GUI in a program again. Lets you get into the heart of it with little overhead and you can try all kionds of ideas etc. It's so easy to use and produces mock-ups that are obviously rough so no-one thinks you have finished before you even start.
A manager would see a powerpoint prototype on Friday and not understand that it could not be turned into a working application by Monday. May be better off skipping this stage and going direct to a wireframe tool like Balsamiq mockups. Pencil and paper works too, but a whiteboard is way easier to erase when you want to move things around.
Glyfish offers a set of well designed icons for mobile applications that can be used for just about any feature within your app. You need to build mobile website and we can show you the best mobile website builder to use and how to be your own mobile website builder! The .psd files are modular, organized in folders (groups), to make it really easy to transfom, add or remove sections of the design. If you are still hesitating about how to do that the right way, we will help you to launch one absolutely free of charge. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question.
You basically sketch out the form and walk through it with the users to determine how they expect it to behave and that sort of thing.
Theres no risk of the mockup being a finished product since the only people who will ever see the mockup are the people creating the mockups. It allows you to customize the text of various elements (buttons, window title bars, grid contents). It has some distinctive features like storyboards, components, linking and beautiful vector PDF export.
We can teach you how to build a mobile website – tell you the benefits to your business of building a mobile website – where to find free or cheap mobile marketing software downloads – and when to trust a mobile marketing software review!
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