This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged 1955, Drama, Musical, Romance on December 13, 2014 by admin. People are going to see this movie and get up in arms over the stereotypes and continued portrayal of “white is right” in Hollywood movies. The movie stars Jesse Metcalf (Dallas), Meghan Ory (Once Upon a Time), Virginia Madseon (Sideways), Dennis Haysbert (24) and Rob Riggle (The Daily Show) as Frank West.
Xbox Live Gold members got first crack at the film, and is now available to watch on Crackle. Email the author Kyle Hilliard, or follow on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Game Informer. Yes, the movie was loaded with stereotypes of black families spilling out of houses in the hood, led by a fearless black matriarch ready to defend her family and wayward son.

Some people will have a problem with this film, especially if the lens through which they are watching is on one “side” or the other. This is Eloise’s story even though it’s not Eloise’s movie…although Jillian Estell does steal the show! And there were similar stereotypes of the wealthy, white family surrounded by their colorful assistants (maids, secretaries, tutors and drivers) sending their kids to prep school and drinking away their loneliness in the proverbial “big house”. I am black enough to be offended by certain portrayals and white enough to cringe at others. But I am mixed enough to recognize what this film is truly about… the true story of two families, united by their love of a little girl.
I watched the film hoping to see a mixed story, but expecting to see, well, a Black OR White story.

For that reason the film has value to me and all little mixed girls and boys who will finally see themselves, if only for a minute, on the big screen. I was there to bear witness to the little mixed girl on screen and the little mixed girl in me.

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