Esto te dara puntos, los cuales puedes canjear por aplicaciones que cuestan en la App Store, como Angry Birds, Infinity Blade II y Real Race 2. I am often asked what my favorite Apps are — either to help me be more productive, to help me better manage my home and life, or even just for fun. So while I used lots of different Apps — both on my iPhone and iPad, I found it surprisingly easy to pick my favorites in each of the categories listed below. Also, I should mention that while I personally downloaded all these Apps for free, I’m not positive that they are all still free. Dropbox — Dave and I store all our documents on Dropbox, and love that we can then access those documents from any device connected to the internet.
Gas Buddy — If you ever want to know what price gas is in your area, this App will tell you. Meijer Find-It — Meijer is the grocery store I buy almost everything from, and this App helps me manage the weekly sales, make a grocery list, and even clip MPerks (online coupons just for Meijer). Gyft — This App keeps track of all your gift cards in one place, and it also periodically sends you free gift cards. Apps Gone Free — I try to remember to check out this App every night before I go to bed, because every day, it has a new list of paid-for Apps that are free for one day. Cute Baby Flash Cards — another educational App that focuses on numbers, letters, words, and objects.
Animal Phone — I honestly think Dave and I have more fun with this App than Nora does right now. Animals for Tots — This App shows all sorts of different animals and then makes the appropriate sound for those animals. Sleep Pillow Baby Lullaby — Soothing music and sounds for infants, toddlers… and moms! Martha Stewart Living Magazine — I got a free subscription to the print magazine, which came with a code for the free iPad App subscription.

Awesome list, I especially love the children’s apps, I swear my iPad has more apps for my 2 year old than it does for me!
Off topic, I wanted to offer a thought about your search bar that someone mentioned in the hot fruit salad post: I had a little difficulty seeing it too when I recently searched for something. For the grocery apps, are they grocery stores in your area or do this ship the items to you?
If you like ibotta, there’s another app called endorse – same principle, even easier if you ask me!
Kids Preschool Puzzles by IntelliJoy has puzzles and other games that also have a toddler lock.
I’ve been looking for free kids apps for Beto, for the plane ride to Nica and back with him by myself! Our Family Pictures :: Spring 2016 Secondhand Shopping Made Simple Mango Salsa Chicken (In the Slow Cooker) Four Fun Flower Crafts Do You Know and Embrace Yourself? Este es un servicio que ofrece contenido costoso, a cambio de descargar aplicaciones con patrocinio. Al volver a la pagina de Free My Apps, pulsa en una aplicacion patrocinada (la cual es gratuita) para que te mande a la App Store.
We have all our bookmarks and settings saved and love that all we have to do is download the Chrome App and those settings will automatically transfer over to any new device. Then when I have more time, I simply login from my computer or iPad, and the articles are ready and waiting.
It’s a Gorilla that you can call on the phone, but then it repeats everything you say in a really weird voice. Its great for when I need to write myself a quick note or save an article I want to reference later. We share a lot of the same, but two of my other favorites include DISH Remote Access and Chase.

Also, the Meijer App actually allows me to choose which store I’m shopping at and then it gives me a map of the whole store, so I can quickly figure out where everything is located! I have two teen girls and I try to save them from having an embarassing moment in school by marking my own calendar with their start dates. You can enter your gift card balances and even take pictures of the bar codes in case you misplace the card.
They are all around 12 minutes long which is just enough time to calm Nora down before bedtime.
All you have to do is drag one App on top of the other App and it will automatically create a folder that you can then add other Apps to. That first one is what I like to use the most though because I’m a pretty big TV junkie and I travel a lot for my job at DISH.
We get over-the-air local channels, and it’s nice that it lets me display just antenna channel listings from my major city (hello Pittsburgh, PA). Plus, the younger one always gets a stomache ache right before and she never believes me when I tell her that she’s near that time.
With it and the Sling Adapter I have I’m able to watch all of my shows, live or from off my DVR, everywhere I go in the world. I like it for entertainment purposes too, but really I love the fact I can catch up with my favorite shows while I’m half way across the country!

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