On planet Amoi, a great society has developed, creating a computerized city called Tanagura, ruled by supercomputer Jupiter. Hanabishi Kaoru is a junior in college, living out an ordinary life of studying and friends.
Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey, seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky, as mentioned in a childhood tale.
The mom, who was left behind by her husband, felt insecure about taking care of her child and suddenly disappeared! In order to protect the girl Yuuhi Katagiri, a new transfer student, from danger, Junichi Nagase is forced to kiss her. The story revolves around a typical high school boy named Kakeru Daichi and the can of melon juice soda that he bought from a vending machine.
A second-year high school boy finds himself uneasy during Christmas time due to an experience in the past. A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by metal fence.
Organic Angel Alexiel, who is one of the highest and most powerful beings in existence, rebelled against God when, supposedly, she became disgusted by the way angels were behaving. The movie is a collection of three stories; the first episode, Oukashou, shows the day of their reunion.
After witnessing a murder by one of the creatures, Jin Kamishina, a lonely 18-year-old boy who lost his family in a shuttle accident two years ago, gets involved in the mysteries of the dragons and becomes the chosen pilot of the Dragonaut. Yukari is a typical high-school student who listens to her parents and attends school everyday. Based on the Korean drama television series about the love between two childhood friends and the tragic events that happen.

Due to the effect of Friagne's treasure device, the personalities of Shana and Yuuji are swapped.
According to Megami magazine August issue, a new anime project of "Kanokon" was announced to be launched.
This story is centered around a girl named Kuronuma Sawako who is nicknamed Sadako (ghost girl from "The Ring") by her classmates because of her scary face and demeanor. In the story, Yuuto Ayase is an ordinary boy in an private high school with the usual cliques.
The protagonist, Tsukishima Jinbei, strives to be a warrior who wins every battle until the day he dies. Although possessing a diligent and generous nature, he had the misfortune of being born under an unlucky star. With Kazuki around, Ikko will find himself in more embarassing situations with these priestesses-in-training. The next episode, Cosmonaut, follows the story about Takaki after the reunion takes place from the viewpoint of another person. Due to Pluto's destruction, the asteroid, which is dubbed Thanatos, becomes temporarily stagnant.
Helping him on his journey is Toa, a mysterious girl who saves him from falling to his death after the creature attacks him. She greatly admires Kazehaya-kun from afar, he is "100refreshing" and is able to draw in people with his personality. Jinbei has left his homeland in the Tsugara Domain to join the Mushibugyo in the great city of Edo.
Their relationship is tested when Akari transfers to another city because of her parents' jobs.

As they get deeper into the mysteries of the dragons, they encounter new friends and enemies, and also begin to develop a closer relationship. The group needs to find a model to showcase their designs in an up-coming fashion show and decides to pick Yukari. Both of them struggle to keep their friendship alive as time and distance slowly pulls them apart. Initially, Yukari is reluctant to be associated with this seemingly eccentric group, but eventually she realises they are really nice people.
Jinbei fights with the Mushibugyo, an office of brave men who risk their lives to protect the peace in Edo and the smiles of the people! When Takaki finds out that he is moving farther away, he decides to visit Akari one last time. However, they soon find out that the asteroid is not their only threat, as powerful dragon-like creatures, which are bent on destruction, appear on Earth.
Furthermore, their passion and enthusiasm to follow their ideals and dreams make Yukari realise that she has not been enjoying her life and thus motivates her to pursue her own dreams.
The story follows Yukari as she gets involved in the group and eventually falls in love with the leader, George.

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