Battle against other players, alone or in strategic groups of up to 49 players, and take part in daily conquest wars.
Set in post-apocalyptic Siberia, this sci-fi MMORPG has one of the most in-depth crafting systems available in the genre. Fantastically rich landscapes and highly developed quests in this fantasy role playing game -- at least at the earlier levels. This MMORPG is very similar in appearance and operation to WOW with a few enhancements to help immerse you further into the fantasy realm. 3D fantasy role playing game with a heavy focus on player versus player combat (on the way to becoming the supreme Archlord). Choose between a warrior, archer or wizard, complete quests and battle a variety of creatures leading to powerful bosses. Players might be positively appalled by the lack of character customization, but that is more than compensated by the fact that eventually you can move your base, perhaps towards the members of your alliance, or the enemy if you feel you can gain an edge.
Astro Lords is definitely a promising title, but the strategy elements could very well be executed better. Aura Kingdom (AK) is an anime-inspired fantasy MMO from Aeria Games, boasting eight classes (plus one mystery class), a well-developed companion system and a unique skill tree.
The game features beautiful, cartoony graphics in an open world with instances (dungeons) supplementing it as well. You are a Cowboy or Indian, trying to win games in the Indian Trading Post and Cowboy Town, so you can buy gold to get train tickets, clothing and more. The Motenia game world imbibes both Chinese and Norse mythology for a elaborate gaming environment.
Choose from Paladin or Dark Robber knight classes and build your karma through actions to determine your character's attitude. This browser-based RPG is set during season 2 of the television series where action was at its height. The game world is beautiful but doesn’t pose a challenge at all, taking the player through quests and combat automatically.
Casual players will enjoy this game as they’ll be able to sit back and play Blood and Jade while doing something else. Unparalleled character creation options and vast al-a-carte selections for super-power skill tracks.
A MMORPG with contemporary features in a game world with cute characters and a cartoon-ish dream landscape where sci-fi and fantasy coexist.
League of Angels (LoA) is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat and ridiculously beautiful artwork. Players choose from one of two classes and walk about to get to know the game’s mechanics and the eclectic lore of the League of Angels world, helping angels regain their former glory by setting them free from the dark forces that haunt them.
On the one hand, LoA plays just like Wartune and similar titles, the likes of which have sprung up like mushrooms after heavy rainfall; on the other, it has some interesting features like the boss board games. Magerealm: Rise of Chaos is an action-oriented, browser fantasy MMORPG mostly cut in the same fashion as others.
Players start off by choosing a class — out of three unique types — and then it's off to the mostly-automated newbie tutorial.
Overall, Magerealm is no doubt a cookie-cutter browser game, albeit with better graphics and effects than most. Maple Story is a a classic anime style RPG featuring various "job" types (Bowman, Warrior, Magician, and Thief). Customize your character, level up, buy clothes and weapons, train demons, and meet new friends, in this epic RPG. MMHO has the player choose between two classes of two factions (so there are four classes altogether) and battle it out with NPC and player opponents in turn-based battles that demand quite some skill. MMHO is definitely a title worth trying; especially so if the desktop Heroes of Might & Magic games saw you ladder with your friends for weeks on end.
Console-quality action MMO you can start playing through your web browser within two minutes of first visiting the site.
Mythborne is a 2.5D MMORPG game from R2Games, set on a fantasy world loosely based on Greek mythology. Characters can be customized, allowing players to choose from 12 intricate classes and 4 elements, which play a great role in the PvP. Mythic Reign is a rather intricate RPG and players who appreciate text-based games will surely like it. Interesting classes in this RPG: Pyromancers, Bloodletters, and Gadgeteers (whose attributes may interest those who enjoy tower defense games). Players pick one from the three generic classes, go through a brief intro sequence, and so the story, which is actually quite fun and focuses on a kidnapped princess, unfolds. Scheduled to release on April 23, Divine Gate will feature over 20 playable Fairy Tail characters, including some of the most popular members, such as: Erza, Natsu, Kagura, Gray, Gildarts, Lucy, and Mirajane. In addition, Divine Gate will be available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. With the release of Fairy Tail series 2, along with a game collaboration, it shows that the series intends to have a strong comeback after its one year hiatus, but will it be enough for previous viewers to reattach themselves to the series again? Find new multiplayer online games MMO, all free to play, game descriptions, reviews, video gameplay and trailers, in-game screenshots, latest news from world of free to play games, easy to find and read. Feel free to post your own opinion (review) or anything related to games industry but Please! WGT Baseball MLBWGT Baseball MLB is a Free Android , Sport Baseball Multiplayer Game with Hall of Fame MLB players and all your favorite MLB teams. Glory of GladiatorsGlory of Gladiator is a Browser Based game, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game, Ancient Rome-themed action game, free to play on web browser and Facebook, from GameBox.
Sandstorm Pirate WarsSandstorm Pirate Wars is a Free to Play, Android apocalyptic Adventure Multiplayer Strategy Game with Real-time battles.
After a tiring two hour tutorial players choose their faction from 8 martial arts schools and try to make sense of what to do next.
Children choose their avatar from 8 different animals and begin their adventures in the world of Jamaa.
Train and play with your Soulmate found in the Soulmate forum for special bonuses, abilities and more. Players control an asteroid, construct and upgrade buildings and fight with others to gain control over the Oort cloud.

The skill tree, huge as it is, confuses the player, because it inevitably makes you wonder if you’re looking at a spreadsheet. All the features of a traditional RPG such as Runescape, with an innovative tactical turn based combat system. Players get acquainted with the game mechanics by doing a tutorial with end-game items and stats, but upon waking up start off with the usual sort of quest chain, which can be done quickly with auto-path. Players start off small and build their character, recruiting goddesses to fight by their side and meditating to level up abilities. As a buccaneer, you and your crew can explore the world while dealing with the ever-present threat of pirates. Its game world is not unlike that of Warcraft, with Protoss from StarCraft somehow present, too.
The game’s world is quite unique, combining the elements of social games and those of RPGs. You (and everyone else in the game) are the last of the realm's protectors, and it is your destined task to save the world from the brink of total destruction.
If you're familiar with games from R2Games (League of Angels, Wartune, Monkey King Online), you'll feel right at home in Magerealm. Like in most browser games, completing each step rewards the player with fancy equipment and resources. It has a sizable following, though, so if you're an avid player of this genre of online game, then don't hesitate to give it a try. It features an integrated in-game video chat system and GPS, and a robot system designed to give players time to enjoy real-time community.
Players have a hero and some basic units to start with and later on get a town for producing new types of units. The cash shop seems quite democratic as well, as you can really do without it if you’re not dead set to reach the top ranks on your server. It’s developed by R2Games and has many of the same features games as the myriads of similar games do. Players choose from four classes and let the game take them to level 50 when things slow down and it becomes a grindfest.
NPC groups in this world are continuously active, journeying, looking for enemies and engaging in battles with each other.
What’s very peculiar is that players start off with a mount, and hit stats are in the thousands at the very beginning. Although the story has some potential, it gets interesting only later on when the player has probably skipped most of it.
It’s set in the dark world of Ozryn and has players fight for their share of the land. The basics of the game are introduced with a long quest list, helping players shape their character by way of learning experience and skills, gathering resources and joining leagues, chats and forums. It has ample opportunities for socializing and, even if there’s no mass appeal in it, the game has a degree of polish uncharacteristic for such titles. The setting is a weird mash-up of Chinese culture, Greek myths and the western canon; for example, get a load of this -- one evil character is the Marquis de Sade! Raise pets, invade enemy nations or engage in one-on-one PvP battle, and ride strange animals and mechanized vehicles. The game sports five (quite generic) classes, many more professions and impressive freedom in character customization.
It features a vibrant and visually faultless fantasy world with sci-fi elements, although it is dulled a bit because of the game’s overwhelming similarity to other titles. Create your own personal island, customize items, discover rare pets, or become a master in one of the game's 20+ skills. The game featured a collaboration with Steins;Gate inwhich players could form teams with the actual characters, including Kurisu Makise and Rintarou Okabe. Players are able to venture out on adventures, explore dungeons, obtain treasure, and battle monsters. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you agree to receive cookies from this website. Amazing graphics even three years after release, a great number of quests (for the later levels, too) and epic lore that stays true to the original Conan books by Robert E. AoW is heavily inspired by Chinese architecture and culture, featuring vast and beautiful landscapes as well as intricately designed buildings.
Within its fantastically detailed world you'll find over 1,000 quests, hundreds of monsters, and five unique nations that meet in truly epic military clashes. The game is centered on exploring the vast game world, playing the game’s numerous mini-games and buying newer, kitschier merchandise for their animal avatar. It takes quite some skill and provides ample entertainment, because the fights involve dodging slow-moving projectiles (there are lasers too!) and hiding behind asteroids.
Even though Astro Lords doesn’t push players into buying anything, progress is quicker with pockets full of premium currency.
Features mercenaries, a government system, guilds, and a mentorship system that rewards you for adventuring with new players. Leveling is fast; assiduous players can hit the level cap in a matter of weeks, if not days.
The game’s sole challenge is PvP, and perhaps its lack of real difficulty in other areas can make this game a bit more boring than it could be. The social aspects add greatly to this game: marriage, guild warfare, and the constant competition to rule the empire make Blood and Jade stand out a bit. You start off with either a warrior or a mage from your faction, and there are three factions -- elves, humans, the undead -- to choose from.
Players start with a measly deck and try getting new, better cards to duke their opponents with.
There’s an abundance of things to do (crafting, quests, dungeons and PvP), and although the combat cannot be controlled in the battlefield, a good formation can beat a stronger opponent. There are more than the usual number of classes, though; you can play as a Warrior, Rogue, or a Magician, and each class gets two advancements at later levels. The gameplay and core mechanics are virtually the same, aside from a few modifications here and there. That's basically the gist of the gameplay — auto-pathing your way to questing and grinding for loot and levels.

Players progress fairly linearly, with quests introducing them to the various parts of the game.
Other than the lack of player customization and the clunky UI, there’s surprisingly little bad that can be said about this game. Players are able to grow plants, take care of their gardens, gather herbs, construct buildings around their estate, and even tame pet dragons (what would a mage be without a dragon?!).
MKO is a cookie-cutter adventure through and through, but to its credit it can at least be made bearable by the community. Therefore, as you slowly and lovingly build your character, you will be amazed and overwhelmed by the majesty of your efforts. Graphics-wise, Mythborne does look pretty cool, but the screen is cluttered and the motion looks choppy. The game features many areas to text-plore (sorry!), sports ample opportunities for character development, and even hosts role playing forums and chat rooms. Besides the four classes (Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Priest), three factions, which only matter for the side you’ll take during PvP, are available. Common RPG features such as companions, grinding-based quests and numerous instances are to be found here. NosTale isn’t a particularly catchy tale, but quests add to the story, unlike in so many other games. Social features are abundant, and one of the few unique aspects is the ability for players to build a home base that others can visit.
Created by the talented developers of fan-favorite Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom will immerse you in a spellbinding world with curious creatures, fast-paced combat, and brilliant, majestic visuals. If you would like to change your preferences you may delete or block all cookies from this site in your browser options. The fact that the game is thoughtfully developed shows through all the time, starting from the huge (though sometimes confusing) skill system (and the tremendous amounts of iffy translations for each skill). Call of Thrones follows more of a lazy click-autorun-quest mindset while you get used to the gameplay. At later levels, however, players may find that they cannot do much daily besides two or three quests, all due to an annoying stamina system.
The game world is sizable, and you’ll find the many landscapes appealing to the eye (in contrast with the weak interface and its microscopic fonts). You’ll especially like setting up campfires where you and fellow players can engage in lively conversations under the night sky. PvP is a major part of the game, so most (if not all) players band together to complete content and events for the sake of server domination. The greatly detailed world looks stunning and atmospheric, with some random loot lying around as well; however, the detail sometimes takes its toll on the UI, which responds slowly at times.
Players earn achievements for their friends to see as they progress through the game, and interact with people from both their own and other villages. It’s fun up to the point where one realizes exactly why games like these have auto-play. The story itself unfolds like it would in a single-player game, so even though the game does offer a lot of social opportunities there’s not much reason to take them. The story gets introduced gradually and is told in bits and pieces, the pace of which players can control.
The game has an awesome pet system – you can capture mobs when they are down to low HP, level together with them, and use them in combat. The game’s graphics are nice and cartoony, but there can be performance issues in the city.
Age of Wushu sports numerous unique features, such as the absence of a leveling system, replaced by skill-based leveling instead. A unique aspect of Allods Online is the astral ship PvP where battles between player-controlled ships commence in the vast astral. AK features immersive combat with the player being able to dodge enemy skill-shots and run around the enemy while attacking. There’s also a storyline that can keep you interested, especially since you can get new cards in story-related PvE. However, there are quite many paid features in this game: pets, character resets, and creating new characters costs Nexon gold. Of course, if you really want to play at a competitive level, be prepared to shell out some real world cash, as this is *that* kind of F2P game. Auto questing and combat make the gaming experience casual, at least during the beginning levels.
A Mystical Land is admittedly directed towards casual gamers, but the game world is engrossing and vivid enough to offer something for the more serious players, too. A unique, hit-direction-based combat system that requires direct involvement from the player. Players also can play Goblinoball -- something quite like football, but with a live goblin as the ball. Despite its flaws one can very well call it a great hack-n-slash game: impeccable combat, nice graphics and a game-changer called the Foundry, an interface where players can create their own adventures for others to play and rate them. Allods Online offers an engrossing, well-developed experience for anyone who likes games akin to WoW, but doesn’t want to pay for it.
The game features a well-detailed crafting system; however, that, along with the PvP, are the only things worth mentioning in Call of Thrones. Each player has a hero that can use skills, and the game is over once one of the heroes is dead. Players who enjoy trading will also have things to do in Mythic Saga as the auction house is available. High-level players will have to compete for godlike cards, which are very rare unless bought. The story is at times cute and at times frustrating because of the often awkward translation.

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