Marcel is een specialist op het gebied van huurrecht (woonruimte en bedrijfsruimte) en het contractenrecht. Like all consumer, lifestyle, and professional decisions being made these days, the amount of choices are seemingly endless, and the same options are endlessly rebranded and resold to make it seem like we have infinite possibilities for choosing our destinies.
Dating is really hard for a lot of people, I get it and I do have sympathy, but what about the addiction to the thought that there is always something and someone better which seems to be at the core of these sites.
As far as purchasing goes, we see lots of young people spending all of their money on rent, food, alcohol, and clothes, and often little silly dogs. This lifestyle yields impressive temporary results romantically, and I think that a lot of people who use dating sites are hoping to connect to that level of hedonism. Marcel is lid van de Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten (VHA) en treedt voornamelijk op voor professionele verhuurders, zoals woningcorporaties, particuliere verhuurders en gemeenten.

By presenting us with a set of possibilities that keep recycling and regenerating the same outcomes and experiences with only superficial differences separating them, this disguises the more depressing reality we are faced with- our limitations. There is always a shinier new product out there, we know that, and we know that our neighbor may have a bigger boat, or our friend may have the new Nikes and we have the less modern dirty ones, but why subject humans to that same scrutiny and treatment. This is because they need to maximize their potential for sexual encounters, popularity, and status. With such limitations, these superficial differences make up much of our identities, and allow us to feel that we are unique and different socially within the homogenous shared experience. I have friends that would rather have endless mediocre sexual experiences than quality ones. With no passion guiding you in life, you can use an app, that emulates the life you desire, which boils down to the promise of infinite options.

I am not puritanical toward sex, but as someone who is familiar with both ways of life I will say that having countless partners is an attempt at feeling infinite and relieving the pressure of the present, just like consumerism. The liberation and freedom from having children allows people like my friends to take constant vacations and party and take drugs and try new restaurants and generally have very interesting lives. While we all have the urge to maximize our potential sometimes, why have the urge to constantly repeat experiences with the same pointless outcomes?
No children means the freedom to reconsider one’s career a few times, none of which involve the blue collar jobs our parents might have worked like being a plumber or an electrician because those jobs lack glamor and are unattractive socially and are best handed off to immigrants.

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