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On the BlackBerry Z10, which uses the company’s BlackBerry 10 platform, I find Parrot to be the best voice recording application.
I used Parrot in several interviews, including the Tell It To Sun.Star roundtable interview of defeated congressional candidate Annabelle Rama before the elections and the sound quality is really exceptional. Parrot has a live graph of audio input to give you an idea of the sound levels so that you could adjust the placement of the phone.
Listen to this sample clip of the Annabelle Rama interview to check out the quality of Parrot’s recording. If you regularly do interviews or record voice memos whenever an idea occurs to you, Parrot on the BlackBerry 10 is an excellent free app for that. Call Recorder++ is the only app ' I've seen' that touts the ability to record calls without having to put the call on speaker. Originally Posted by siddharth Devcellent : I need this app, but it still shows unavailable for your device. Originally Posted by devcellent We have checked with BlackBerry World, and unfortunately call recording apps are not allowed in India because of the local law.

Around a few hundred call recording apps are available in Google Play in India, while at least 10 are on Blackberry World in India. On Android, my favorite voice recording application is Easy Voice Recorder, which has a free version that more than meets my needs. I used Parrot on the BlackBerry Z10 to record the interview by Sun.Star journalists of defeated congressional candidate Annabelle Rama. You can then copy the recording to the external memory card or share this via Bluetooth, email, BlackBerry Messenger or even NFC. Even the our old features phones was proving us that features which is automatic call recorders, the old feature phones was having a call recorder built on the right side that was very convenient and useful but in smartphone there is no direct call recorder. I still carry an MP3 voice recorder but this serves only as backup, the quality of recording in smartphones is so much higher.
On iOS, my favorite voice recording app is iTalk, which produces clear and great quality recordings.
So for recording calls we have to install apps or any other way.However smartphones are offering great features that we can never expect before, so what can be the reason of non existence of direct call recorders in smartphones ?In some countries it is the violation of law to record calls without the consent of both parties includes in a call and it could be a reason of crime and cheating. Call recording is fully legal in India and almost all call centers & companies record all their calls.
The iPhone users can use apps like Tape Call to record calls but it is not secure and unfortunately it is not available in India.There are a lot of apps has been tested to make call recording on the iPhone, but unfortunately none of those worked effectively.

Just like with the phone blocking apps, the developers are still waiting for APIs that allow them to properly deliver the promised functions. According to a test which is conducted on blackberry Z10 and Nexus 5, it is confirmed that call recording is successful on these OS.Here are the steps to record call on android SmartphonesFor recording calls first of all Download and install Automatic Call Recorder app on your smartphone via Google Play storeThe app will start automatically while you make or receive a call on your smartphone and the call will record automatically and easily.
Passport Classic Z30 Z10 Q10 Leap OS 10.3.2 Welcome to the CrackBerry Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required! You can save recording to your data card.To save selected recordings tou your phone memory card, tap on the recording you want to save and tap Save. After starting the app you call will automatically record when you make or receive a call, the pp will be active in your background. Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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