There are a variety of places where you can find free photos that are available for public use. Raumrot specializes in free, hand-selected stock photos that can be used for personal or commercial projects. The photos on this site include a lot of landscapes to choose from, many with exceptional lighting and almost Instagram-style effects. With plenty of options from high-resolution landscapes to tight, detail shots from buildings, Little Visuals has a little something for a variety of projects. This site is pretty new, with just a few months under its belt, but the images are sharp and crisp. Ryan McGuire of Belle Design has a fun site where he upload new free-to-use photos every week. Jay Mantri posts seven new photos to his site each week that are free to use in any way you please. While the style of photos on the site vary, many of them have a rather funky feel, including a series of photos featuring common objects and sunglasses. Magdeleine is another site with a selection of hand-picked images grouped to make them easy to find. From beautiful deserts to simple garden veggies, Foodie’s Feed has images of almost any edible item you can imagine. All of the images showcase food in a way that looks delicious – something that is not as easy as it sounds. Picography is another blog-style site filled with photos that are high-resolution and can be used any way you like. What different about this site from many others is the inclusion of more faces and event photography. Im Free is one of the newer sites for free stock images and actually includes more than just photos. The images available for download are sharp and have plenty of application in your projects.
It may not have a name that you would expect, but Death to the Stock Photo offers new personal and commercial use photos every month.
New Old Stock features classic images from the public archives that are free of copyright restrictions. Picjumbo is a collection of images, including photos and illustrations, available for personal or commercial use. While this site is not for stock photos, it contains a … well … amazing number of patterns and textures that would be great for design projects. The design options here are rather broad and downloading high-resolution files takes only one-click.

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LicenseYou are allowed to use the resources from this site for any personal or commercial projects, however we’ll highly appreciate if you'll show a link to our website. ABOUT AUTHORThe collaborative process of web development requires close integration of technology and design - two disciplines that inform one another.
Most of these images fall under a creative commons license (just make sure you attribute properly) or are old enough that the photos have returned to the public domain. The site refreshes with 10 new photos every 10 days, so there’s almost always something new to choose from. Follow the site and download photos individually or register and get seven new images sent to your inbox every week. Each image is free to use thanks to creative commons public domain dedication, so none of the images have applicable copyrights.
The images can be used for personal or commercial projects and every image includes a high-resolution version.
You can search by subject, mood or color, so if you have an idea of what you need, this is a great place to start. Many of the images are color but there is a large selection of black and white photography as well.
The site uploads five (or more) new high-resolution photos per week and collections of multiple images from a single take are included. From images from color runs to people jumping in a pool, this collection of images is quite active and engaging.
Certain categories – such as sports and fitness and black and white images – are rather extensive.
Some of the images were always part of the public domain and others have entered the public domain because of age. As part of his avid promotion of creative work, he has made many of his high-resolution images available under a creative commons attribution license, for personal and commercial use with credit.
With new uploads weekly, there are always new images to sort through in a variety of categories. There are plenty of images to choose from and many also offer more premium packages or versions (for a fee). Your options are to take the photos yourself, buy images from a photographer or stock image site or to find images that are free and available for use.
Images are available for use based on each individual photo’s creative commons license and should be displayed according to those rules. Every photo also includes a link to the photographer if you want to learn more about a certain photo.

With a nice selection to choose from, these free images can work well for digital projects, but many of the photos might not be big enough to use for print. Use Shape Collage to take your photos and make a beautiful and unique photo collage in any shape that you want in just seconds! It is preferable that such people to outsource website creation to professionals.However, before you outsource it, you should ensure you choose a good and professional web designer who could create a desirable website for you.
The major challenge you would encounter is choosing a perfect designer who could translate your dream into reality. The fact that you have limited knowledge about web creation should not prevent you from getting the best. It is advisable to check out other websites and explore those with the correct attributes you want for your site. You could use it as a standard for what you want.With the picture of what you want in mind, you could then search for a talented designer. You could advertise it through any of the reliable freelancing and outsourcing websites out there.
Before you make a choice out of the lot that would apply to do the work for you, evaluate their competence using different criteria:Ask for the developer’s testimonial. You could check those sites developed by such a professional and determine how sophisticated the site is and whether it is suitable for what you want.
It is always important to find out whether the experience of the developer is relevant to what you need.Furthermore, always focus on specifics while evaluating your future web developer.
Pay attention to every part of the web creating process and find out what previous clients have to say about their designs and experiences with the developer. You should know that customer satisfaction is very important in building a professional website.
Find out if the previous customers were satisfied with his work.Customer service and efficient communication are very important in this project.
Determine whether the developer you want to engage has a record of accomplishment and efficient customer communication. You should opt for a developer who would respond to your requests and amenable to corrections when the need for it arises. You must only select a developer who would attend to you anytime you need it.Most people have outsourced their web development project to reliable professionals by getting recommendations from people they know very well. It is necessary to ask your friends and colleagues, it is possible they could connect you to a professional who would deliver the best quality you want.Understanding the core competences of the person you want to outsource the web-building project is very critical in building the highest quality website you want.

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