The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies.
In this round, we have some great tools from a Photoshop action that creates 3-dimensional maps, an awesome Google Chrome extension for testing out responsive design, and a tool to create Long Shadow designs. Google today launched a new responsive AdSense unit in beta that is specifically designed to run on sites that automatically adapt to different screen sizes.
For this monthly installment, we are going to showcase more than 20+ new free WordPress themes that were released in July 2013. The CSS1K project illustrates what you can do with a single kilobyte of slim-lined stylesheet code. Today’s, regularly lots of new updates coming in the market for web designing so, you must now consider a number of new factors when designing your website. I believe that WordPress is the best platform for creating your business or service portfolio. The introductory messages should be written in bold and attractive fonts so that it can turn heads. In this article, I have collected more than 45 great examples of non-profit website designs that you can use as inspiration for your own website projects.
This week we look at common visual design mistakes, free resources for web designers, a great CSS competition things you need to consider for a successful web design and much more.
So, if you are searching for a professional admin panel template for your project, this is an excellent place to be looking. The fully customizable admin templates available today has become notably popular.

But you didn’t have time to learn the code, and you never actually got to hire a specialist. Now thatresponsive design has moved from being just a buzzword to something many web designers are actually putting into practice, being able to control how ads appear on these sites has become a more pressing issue for developers and web designers. As developers continue to take up the challenge of creating brand new themes for WordPress, we gathered the best and newest among them and presented them in one convenient post that you can use for both reference and inspiration. You can show gallery on your website with many ways but CSS galleries are more popular than other web galleries. In these factors include search and social media, modern design and content, and usability and conversion.
The messages of the company should be short, simple and crisp so that the viewers can connect with it easily and thereafter opt for its service. However, the article may also serve as inspiration to find organizations that share your interests and that you may want to support. She has a Masters degree in International Business Management, but her passion is anything related to web design.
You will find another big set of ready to use themes, templates and elements for the web as well as completely editable files for your favorite image or vector editor. Do your friends often come to you for tips on color palettes or accessorizing outfits? If so, working in the design industry may be one way to turn your imagination and originality into a career. One of the main reason for their popularity is that CSS galleries loads faster than other stylish galleries.

Though introduction messages in the website are mainly used in the portfolio sites of designers and graphic artists but it can also be used in other kinds of websites as the most simple but unique landing page that will help in creating a good impression in the mind of the prospective clients.
Also, if you intend to spread the word about this free portfolio template, you will have to link back to us. The front-end design is the key element to get your clients happy and impressed, but to complete the project you might also need a professional looking admin panel interface.
With websites multiplying exponentially on the web, it can hardly be that so many people have learned to code. Because what could be better than earning a paycheck for something you’re already passionate about? There are many specialties that fall under the umbrella of the design industry.
In this post I am going to showcase the best CSS image galleries for my fellow web designers to help them choose a nice looking CSS image gallery for their latest web design.
For example, a fashion designer is different from a textile designer, which are both very different from an interior designer. In this post I am going to showcase the best WordPress Portfolio Themes for WordPress users. You should try this Related Freebies Here is a free UI kit made of 55+ elements for designing clean and modern websites.

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