Smart objects are layers in Photoshop made up of image data from a separate source such as a raster or vector graphic.
You can add as many filters or effects as you like to the object and the original source image will still remain intact. They’re especially useful when you want to include multiple instances of the same image. If your design contains multiple instances of a company logo, for example, you could use smart objects to easily replace all of those logos with a different one. Here’s the finished product after replacing the contents of every smart object in the mockup. Vladimir Gendelman is the Founder of Company Folders Inc, a boutique offering 100+ styles of presentation folders. I am a freelance Graphic designer and i design print materials on regular bases for my clients , now using this Awesome resource i am going to Wow my clients fo r sure , Thanks for sharing cheers !
I see this mockup everywhere and finally downloaded it today after reading a post on iapdesign about the best psd mockup downloads.
Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Here are three examples of folder mockups created by exporting artwork from a die cut template and applying it to the mockup template. This presentation folder mockup has a moderately low angle, allowing for a view of the front cover as well as the outside edge of the interior pocket and panel. This Photoshop (PSD) mockup template can be customized with either square or rounded corners, as well as a folder design of your choice or creation. You may share and alter these images for commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the artist.

Easy CustomizationCustomizing your mockup template is as easy as opening each smart object and replacing the image; then just save the file and youa€™re done. These high-resolution images of our 64 paper stocks make a great addition to your mockup, especially when you want to show your client how a design will look when printed against a certain color or material.
Wea€™ve gathered up some of our favorite background images and textures to use with our folder design mockups. Explore this gallery when you're seeking inspiration for your next design or a talented graphic artist with the experience you need. The template allows you to turn your own custom artwork into a polished representation of your finished product. A folder mockup gives clients and colleagues a much clearer idea of what your finished product will look like compared to a standard flat template that can be difficult to visualize.
You can use your mockup to discover any design issues or errors before sending your artwork to the printer. You can place your customized mockup on a website or blog to elicit instant feedback from your audience.
He leads a team of talented designers and experts dedicated to helping customers create print collateral that puts forth the best possible impression.
When I edit the smart objects and save the changes, the mockup isn’t look like the original because the front and the cover are out of original envelope. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The overall impression is that of a folder lying on a flat surface, viewed by a person sitting nearby. Browse over 250 mockup backgrounds ranging from real-world textures to abstract pools of color.
This tutorial shows how to use simple Photoshop techniques to simulate an embossed or debossed look in your mockup.

This helps ensure your project will come out right the first time and you won’t need to rerun the print job.
Templates save you time and make designing and displaying print artwork significantly less of a hassle. It's an inventive look and an obvious choice for logistics companies or anyone in the business of shipping goods.02. There are also bits of sample text that you can easily replace with your own contact information, brand identity, and other details.04.
This folder's pattern resembles a series of computer pixels, so it's fitting for a business related to technology.07. Green is often associated with health and security, making this folder especially suitable for an organization related to health care, money or information technology.08. An eye-catching orange band stands out against the dark background, so it's the perfect area to place a company name or logo.09. The watery blue color scheme and umbrella logo give this design a calm, optimistic feel.10. There's also a fair amount of room for you to add your own elements, such as logos, photos or text.12. It also comes with a matching folder die-cut template.Know of more folder design or mockup templates to help make designers' jobs easier?

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